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Member Since 23 Feb 2008
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Vix_Chans Nights Art

23 February 2008 - 10:44 PM

OK, only one image ATM.
Basicly, i did this in ink, but did not like the lines very much and could not be botherd to photoshop it, so i used pencil crayons (Yayness!) but had no purple or pink, so i made use of what i had at the time :D'

Posted Image

i will do others, and i think i may post a image of my very own jester i made (will update once i take a pic of it...)

Ok, here he is.
i simply named him "The Jester"

More Tim burton than Sega, But it dose have its simerlaritys.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Hello all

23 February 2008 - 07:54 PM

I'm new to this community, but i do hope to be able to help on this fourm in my own little way.

I'm 24
and i live in Bristol, England.

I've recently bought nights for the wii and it has recindled my love for the game.
I have the old saturn version along with a japanese version of christmas nights.
i've also enjoyed the nights levles on sega superstars on the PS2 (with the camara) and the nights pinball levle on sega pinball on GBA.

aswell as nights, i am also a big pokemon fan, and love video games.
I also enjoy Anime, with Cardcaptor sakura(jpn ver) Chobits and urusei yatsura being among my faves.

Anyway, hope we all get along well.
Thanks for reading (:D)
Vix Chan