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Ideya Master

Ideya Master

Member Since 22 Feb 2008
Offline Last Active Feb 25 2008 10:31 PM

NiGHTS Fancharacter Contest!

24 February 2008 - 01:16 AM

Calling all fc-makers! Calling all fc-makers! I'm having trouble making newer versions of the following classic Nightmarens:

The five people who can make the most creative JoD version of their Maren of choice will have them star in my new fanfic, "NiGHTS: The Great Return!" The rules are simple:

1. You can only choose one character to enhance.
2. You can't rename it.
3. It has to have a description of its new moves, the Maren stage you fight it in, and new, unique instructions on how to beat it.
4. Don't insult me because of these rules.
5. Don't completely change the new form of you Maren of choice.
6. To even things up to six mega-Marens, the first one to submit a completely new kind of Maren will have it appear in my fanfic and get a game tip on sweet stuff in JoD!

Whoever breaks any of these rules will be immediately disqualified. No take-backs, no give-backs, no double-whammies! So, who's up for it?

NiGHTS: The Great Return!

22 February 2008 - 11:28 PM

Okay, let's see...

Prologue: Shards of the Past
(Somewhere in Crystal Castle, Helen recollects the fun adventures she had with NiGHTS and Will. She enjoys having Will around, but without NiGHTS, things just weren't the same. She stares into the glass of the empty hallway.)
Helen: NiGHTS...
(Suddenly, she hears a strange noise. She heads toward the sound of shattering glass, only to see a few new Nightmarens looking for something.)
???: Keep searchin'! There's gotta be an Ideya around here somewhere!
???: Where? (smashes a wall)
???: *growls*
(Behind the wall is a very large crystal of some sort.)
???: Hey, uh, is that an Ideya?
???: That's no Ideya! That's a Maren Gem! Some Nightmarens equipped themselves with the ability to come back in the form of one of these tings!
???: Then, who's... (trips and knocks over Maren Gem) Oops.
(The crystal smashes open on the floor. Then, NiGHTS flies out of the shards, back and ready for action!)
Helen: NiGHTS?
(to be continued)

This cliffhanger was brought to you by Suspense Industries. (XD lol)

You think things are weird enough already? DREAM ON AND FIND OUT!!!

Ideya Master making contact!

22 February 2008 - 09:56 PM

Hey, what's up? This is Ideya Master on my first post here! I see myself as a fanfic master. The only controllable way I get my ideas is either in my sleep or while I'm daydreaming. I like cheese pizza, relaxing, drawing anything good I can think of, and any defenders of justice I find in my dreams (ex: NiGHTS!)! I dislike spicy stuff, too much work, writer's block (happens a lot), and those pesky Nightmarens! Why I like NiGHTS so much? Well, he has mystifying adventures, fights evil Nightmarens, and can DUALIZE with others! That'd be cool for me to do! Oh, and if you see TRiPPY come back on this site or the other one, notify me ASAP! Okay, bye.