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Member Since 04 Feb 2008
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Jackle Cosplay! (90% done)

05 March 2008 - 04:13 AM

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Gloves: These babies took....A LOOONG time! It took me 3 tries to get them right, what a waste of fabric. =/

That's right! I'm working on the cosplay! x3 I see mostly no NiGHTS cosplayers on cosplay.com, and just ONE Jackle! ONE! But it's also cool. Anywho! It's in progress and I will be working on the hat soon. I will be going to Anime Boston (88% chance I am going due to money stuff.) And most likely to AnimeNEXT if not. (In SUMMER!... I think I'll die heat from the costume xD)

Posted Image

I say this one was most fun to do.... I don't know why, but it was fun! xD

I'll try to keep this here updated. ;D I'll try my best. Sorry if some things come out a little sloppy (Or alot...) . I had no help at all. xD

To Do List:
The Shoes (I didn't have enough time to finish them for Anime Boston so I'll finish them another day :D)
Fix the cape a bit

The other stuff I probably forgot... Nah

Things Done:
The Hat
The Gloves
The Card
The Cape (kinda...)
The black clothes (Bought!)
The Black Face paint (Bought as well)
Eye lashes (Yes, eye lashes! D: )

I shall post up pictures of it soon. xD

G'day there! ;D

01 March 2008 - 05:57 PM

I've been on the forum for a while. But I never exactly introduced myself or anything on the forum though. ^^; Anywho!
I am Pikmingirl! I love NiGHTS, Pikmin, Mario, Zelda, and a lot of video games made from Sega and Nintendo. The first time I've played NiGHTS is on the Wii. BUT! I've been a fan of the series for a looooong time, but since I heard about Journey of Dreams, I've became a bigger fan! The reason is because when I was little I didn't go on the internet much (only on school computers doing homework D: )but I saw NiGHTS into Dreams when it was still out in Toysrus while exploring the store. I wanted to play it and buy the game and system but I was pretty poor in those days. (years xD) And it was also a lot of money... But now I am living good but not perfect or rich or anything special. Though, now I know more of NiGHTS and stuff! XD

The funny thing about me is that I never played the first game, but I know so much on it that it seems I played it and all. (Thank you youtube and wikipedia.) So I know about the nightmarens, the dreamers/vistors/ etc etc. I also love to draw and make art! You may check my deviant account once the site is back up and running. lol! It's down right now. My accounts on youtube and deviantart are Pikmingirl. Uhm... nice to meet you all! ^^ Oh and I also played Journey of Dreams and LOVE it! XD