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Member Since 01 Feb 2008
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What NiGHTS character do you hate? O.o

10 April 2008 - 01:10 PM

Now, I know how we're always talking aobut how much we love NiGHTS and it's characters, but which one(s) do you hate? My prediction is that Puffy will show up a lot, but that's my prediction.

I'll tell you mine after you tell me yours. Mine may disturb you... Let's just say it's a certain jester that flies around.

Back After A While

10 April 2008 - 12:44 PM

Right, 3 months ago, while on this site, I realized something. I was NOT able to contribute ANYTHING to the NiD community at the time. But after a Long Long LONG consideration, I have decided to hold a contest. This contest will not be held this month, because I want to desperately try to help out this community, and I want to be part of the BIGGER community, I have decided to ask the Admins on NiD.com about issuing my contest.

I now have 2 objects;

1: NiD, Sega Saturn, 3-D Control Pad
2: Japanese NiD game

These will be the prizes for the contest.

Before you FREAK out, cause I know how you guys are (lol), you have to win them in the contest. The only way I will be issuing the contest is if TRiPPY or any of the other admins agree to let me do this. This will be my ultimate contribution to the community, and to the majestic purple peace maker in whole.

Please, I am as of now open to any comments and questions you guys have right now for this subject, but no spam please. :unsure:

I also have been working on a Graphic Novel for you guys, only problem is I need a color artist, and *ahem* a Scanner XD. I will be getting one soon, so I can upload the first chapter and see if you guys want any more of it. It does not DIRECTLY reference the series, however, it does contain a lot of relationship to it. When I say Graphic, I mean it, too. The only direct references you guys will be getting is easter eggs I have so cleverly placed in it, but I digress, It has nothing to do with the storyline.

No longer will I be off on a spiraling downward plane, I'm back on for good! I'll see you guys in the other topics, baby! ;'D

QUiZ into Dreams

10 April 2008 - 11:54 AM

Answer to the extent of your knowledge!

1- Who's Idea was it to create the game NiGHTS into Dreams?
2- On what day does Christmas NiGHTS let you play as Sonic and change the boss Puffy into Dr. Eggman?
3- What happens when you Beat NiGHTS into Dreams with all A ranks?
4- What popular Series has it's character's names posted on the scoreboard on NiD?
5- How many Levels are there in NiGHTS into Dreams excluding Boss levels?
6- How many boss levels?
7- In NiD, how do you unlock the 2 player battle mode?
8- How many Chips do you need to collect before breaking the dream pod and collecting the Ideya in each level?
9- What is the name of the Town that Claris and Elliot live in?
10- What is the name of the Ending Theme in NiGHTS?
11- Freebie! What is your favorite NiGHTS character?
12- There are three Nightmarens who look similar: NiGHTS, Reala, and...
13- Who created NiGHTS, Reala, Jackal, etc.?
14- What boss can be defeated with one blow?
15- Jackal's main stream combat tactics consists of throwing what medieval themed Item?
16- What boss is known to sing while you fight them?
17- NiGHTS was originally evil, True or False?
18- Which of the bosses are humanoids?
19- In what Sonic Game does NiGHTS have a direct level reference?
20- Red Ideya represents what?
21- Freebie! What was your favorite Level?
22- What instrument can NiGHTS be seen playing?
23- When Claris and Elliot finally meet in the real world, what is claris doing?
24- What does White Ideya Represent?
25- What is Claris nervous about doing?
26- Elliot is afraid to play what game after he has a nightmare?
27- NiGHTS' primary attack is called a...?
28- Reala has become known as NiGHTS' rival, Reala is who's right hand man?
29- Little creatures flutter around Nightopia, what are they called?
30- While in Nightopia, what can give you a "Night Over"?
31- Freebie! What color of Ideya do you think represents you?
32- Reala has his own dimension, what symbol is marked here?
33- NiGHTS pinball was in Sonic Adventure, What happens if you manage to collect all 4 Ideya?
34- In the last level of Claris or Elliot's dreams, who do you get to play as?
35- What color is the Jewel on NiGHTS' chest?
36- What color does the Green Ideya represent?
37- In Jackal's level, what can be seen in the background?
38- During the game, NiGHTS transforms into 2 forms, what are they? (excluding the balloon NiGHTS, since it has no significance or helpful effect)
39- What color is Claris and Elliot's Ideya?
40- If you do not have all A ranks when you beat the game, what happens?

An Introduction

02 February 2008 - 09:20 AM

Allow me to introduce myself, My real name is Chris, but on this forum you may call me Lament. My forum name does not express myself truly, but it is a beautiful emotion that I love to see in music, poetry and art. I have been a NiGHTS fan since it had come out, but I did not actually play the game until 2 years ago. I now have a Deck of playing cards, a demo disc, the japanese version of the game, the 3d control pad version of the game, and I just put out an order for the soundtrack for NiGHTS journe of Dreams thanks to the NiD community having the ad on this website's home page. I have not yet played the new game, but from what I've seen (a lot of course) I will soon have this masterpiece. I have created several fan characters and am currently working on a fan fiction myself. My favorite character in NiGHTS is Reala. I like Reala because he has an evil, twisted personality, however, the one key feature I like about Reala is his twisted smile. I have never had a lucid dream, though I wish I had. I've only seen Reala in a dream or two, but nothing that would be truly mentionable, you know, you just see a figure and you don't truly know what you remember when you wake up. I have not actually had a dream for the longest time (being the reason I finally joined the NiD commuity through this particular forum). If I had an Ideya, I'd think it'd be White Ideya or Green Ideya. If I ever had a lucid dream, I'd use that time to dualize with my favorite Fan character Lamenia.

I hope that is enough to introduce myself with for now. Please, let me thank you all for this community of which you all, and now even I, make up.