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Red Steel 2

19 April 2010 - 04:57 PM

I have played through about 75% of the game so far and really enjoyed it. Ubisoft has created a pretty impressive game here by Wii standards, and Wii Motion + adds a lot to the game. What was a sloppy confused mess in Red Steel 1 is now polished and challenging in 2. They ditched the whole mafia theme in favor of a rather unusual but awesome wild west meets ninjas thing. SOmehow it works.
The art style is a really pleasant cel shaded effect, much like borderlands. the special effects and design choices are pretty fun.
Overall I really recommend this game to Wii owners, especially if you like FPS games but want to try something al ittle different. The swordplay works well and the different abilities you learn really make you feel like a badass. The blocking and slashing feels really good and has a lot of customization. If you buy anything from Ubisoft for the wii, make it No More Heroes 2 or this game.