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Secrets of Dream

10 February 2011 - 08:28 AM

Last night (few minutes ago as I woke up at 8am) I had few dreams that were very different than my regular ones. I tihnk I had about 2 or 3 dreams last night as I remember intervals of waking up betwen them and returning to sleep. in all of these dreams:
  • I had moments I was completely aware I was dreaming as I was discussing it to the beings I was dreaming about.
  • The ability of flight, while I was not that good at flying it was still something I rarely dream of especially so frequantly.

One dream I was a hero or something simular to that of Deadman only I wasn't sure if I was a ghost or a dreamer who could interact with the real world. What I did know was that I knew I was dreaming and could fly.

The last dream I had that night I was in a large house that was located in a forest. I was told that the forest was haunted by the ghost of Britains celebraties and narrated by Stephen Fry. It turns out not all the forest spirits were peaceful as I was actually a vengeful spirit. It turns out there was a party of people having crazy fun in the house and I wasn't totally vengeful as I seemed to enjoyed myself and was talking to the people at the party saying we were all actually dreaming and we must becareful what words or actions we do or else our dreams will end and we didn't wanted to leave the party.

However my role as a vengeful spirit seemed to overcome me as I pushed a man out of the window.

The man actually hovered back up the window and chase me, as we flew over an indoor garden or something I turned around and tried to reason with him when I realised he was a lucid dreamer. (I got down on my knees and begged for forgiveness saying I really regretted pushing him and that it wasn't like me at all when awake.)

The man said he was a lucid dreamer, that when we dream of other people such as people or beings that look like humans, they were actually humans somewhere in the world asleep and dreaming, taking part in there own or each others dream somewhere.
The man accepted my apology saying that the behavior humans have when they dream is altered to imagintive roles and can be beyond our personal actions.

As I followed him he actually pushed me out the window. He told me to fly up again in which he pushed me down again saying he was teaching me to master the skill of flight.

Yeah I know I am hardly on this forum. Sorry about that but when it comes to lucid dreaming I dunno where else to discuss it. Just thought you all be interested to hear this. What peaks my interest about all this is I thought when it comes to Lucid Dreaming it was something one needs to train there mind over, I attempted Lucid Dreaming ages back but considered it too advance for me and just enjoy what I am given, now it just seems I am becomming a natual Lucid Dreamer, though I will probably have my regular dreams tonight.