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So like, Are anybodies pians doing the same thing?

23 July 2008 - 10:17 PM

Im currently visiting my dream after a good month or so, and realized my pians are like.. Sweating... o0 like water is dropplets are coming out of them, like i know that happens when they cry but its when they stand their or float around. Also four of my pians have aquried helms with horns on them o0 anybody else has this? just curiosity x3

What's the worst that can happen?

29 April 2008 - 09:15 PM

Omg my first topic *claps* >w<
Okay anyway so today instead of paying attention to a 20 something year old election video in history I began daydreaming.. and my daydreaming lead to this random short story >w>
And heck post your own crazy stories if you got any short ones :3 Do what you must but keep it in terms and pg-13
: D

A day at the bakery

NiGHTS: Reala-lalalala-
Reala: *Reading a book* *shuts the book loudly* What do you want, NiGHTS?
NiGHTS: Do we have any muffins?
Reala: There in the muffin box *goes back to reading*
NiGHTS: But it's empty! * Holds the box upside down and then places it on his head*
Jackle: *bounces into the room* Then I declare we go to the bakery!
NiGHTS: Ree, come with us!
Reala: No.
Jackle and NiGHTS: Pweassseee!? *tugs on him*
Reala: As long as you two dont bother me for the rest of my life...
Jackle and NiGHTS: We promise!
*At the Bakery*
Cashier: What can I do for you three?
Jackle: We want muffins!
NiGHTS: *sings* Oh do you know the muffin man?
Reala: *mutters* Somone kill me...
Jackle: The muffin man?
NiGHTS: The muffin man!
Reala: *picks up a rolling pin and gives it othe cashier* Here...
Cashier: *blinks*
NiGHTS and Jackle: *are currently dancing* Oh do you know the muffin man-
Reala: *places his head on the counter* Dont hold back... *is waiting for the cashier to kill him*
Jackle and NiGHTS: - That lives on Nightmare lane!
Clerk: *ignores Reala who is now smashing his head on the counter* that will be $3.50 for three muffins.
NiGHTS: I'm Broke, and have no pockets!
Jackle: Here ya go! *puts invisible money into the cashier's hand.*
Cashier: *glare* This is not money...
Jackle: Yes it is! See it?
Cashier: I see nothing!
Jackle: Pft. *walks out and comes back as if pushing in a wheel barrow.. but theres nothing infront of him* This is all the money I got, take it or leave it!
Cashier: I see nothing, like your invisible as-
Reala: *shoves a coin bag into the cashier's hands* Take it!
Clerk: *gives them three muffins* Come again! *smirks while counting the extra money* I love my job...
Jackle and NiGHTS: Oh do you know the muffin man? The muffin man! The muffin man! Oh do you know hte muffin man that lives on Nightmare lane!? *walks out of the bakery*
Jackle: *munches into his muffin* Ew! Yuck!
Reala: *turns at him* What now?
Jackle: It's chocolate chip!
Reala: So!?
Jackle: I hate chocolate chip... I wanted strawberry!
Reala: *glares dangerously at them*
NiGHTS: Let's go back in again then!
Jackle: Yay!
Reala: *screams in frustation as NiGHTS and Jackle sing the muffin man song again.. and again.. and again...*
~ fin.

>w> Yuh... sorry if it was sorta longish... okay your turn everyone!