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In Topic: I am in need of a Fan Maren [CONTEST]

20 January 2008 - 04:57 PM

Wow, from browsing the designs in here you guys are quite the imaginative type. I like them all very much :).

Nix: Wow, I love the slightly sinister twist on your entry :0.

In Topic: Sega: Sonic's Fate

20 January 2008 - 03:06 PM

Ah, being a member of the Sonic community, these topics come up quite a bit :). However, I wouldn't use Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games as the highlight of your prospectuses. It's a spin off game, and not really canon to the Sonic series. The only spin off games that could count as canon to the series is the Sonic Riders due to the storyline and of the new characters - the Babylon rogues.

Usually, the 'demise of the Sonic series' starts at Sonic Heroes. Well, traditionally it did, but with the releases of Shadow the Hedgehog and then Sonic The Hedgehog 06, it's caused some people to reconsider 'SH in a new light. There has not been a console Sonic game that deserves 9s or even 8s since Sonic Adventure 2 (or, to be picky, Sonic adventure 2 battle) and that is what disheartens the community. Sonic is a cult classic, Sonic Team was something to be exalted by the fans, SEGA used to be cult classic, and now what is left is that while other SEGA branded games excel such as Virtua Tennis, Virtua Fighter, Sega Rally etc, Sonic is slumping. What makes it worse is that Sonic's slump is highlighted by Mario's platforming success. Typically upsetting.

There are a few gems in the sonic series that are currently out, for example the Sonic Rush series is quite epic and if you go back even then, the Sonic GBA games are quite nice to get out and have a little run in. This is just scraping the barrel though, Sonic shouldn't be limited to greatness on handhelds. We need strong console games too :z. Sonic and The secret rings is not a strong, 'true', sonic game.

Anyway. As for your suggestions: I would suggest to STOP making characters with every new game. It's quite a pattern. It leads to character abandonment in later releases or it loses focus away from Sonic, which fans hate. I wouldn't necessarily cut down the cast now, as there are quite a few fans that are quite attached to the characters. However, I would regulate their appearances and playability in the game. For example, people were happy not being able to play as Tails, or knuckles, or Amy, or even Cream in the Sonic rush games compared to the Sonic advance games. But they weren't cut from the canon at all.

The storyline should be more simple, with a subtle twist here and there, but definitely we need less apocalyptic storyline as it's been overdone heavily. Maybe some time it can be revisited in the future, but for now we can save the exploding moons and sun gods.

I agree with you on the chao. One of the features that makes SA2, and SA2B so damn lasting.

Level design is quite alright, I enjoy the level design. However, less bottomless pits and more exploration potential (and options TO explore, like collecting chao etc) plz. They tried to make the levels more expansive in Sonic Heroes, with Team Chaotix, but it honestly did not work as it was forced. More natural exploration please, like City Escape in SA2. Hell, even bring back Treasure hunting, and stuff like that for different gameplay option. But f*** no, do not bring back Tails in a mech. Silver's gameplay was a step in the right direction.

And finally, beyond all else, actually finish the game before releasing it :3.

Mmm, oh the woes with being a Sonic fan.