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Member Since 13 Jan 2008
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Lol Glitch

25 February 2008 - 03:07 AM

Lol, I was messing around with the sitting NiGHTS glitch in Mystic Forest, when I flew up in the first mare, into a little crack. NiGHTS went all weird, and looked normal. I flew down, to see if he would start sitting again. Instead, he started doing this weird... dance thing. He looked like he was swimming XD he doesn't go back to normal if you drill dash, so it lasts even longer! He goes back to normal only in the Ideya Palace :( Oh well. I have a recording, so I'll post it up on Youtube.

I hope this wasn't posted either... Been 11 years, I'm sure this has already been discovered XD


22 February 2008 - 04:43 AM

Okay. I was messing around in Soft Museum. I paused the game, because I wanted to reset and play Twin Seeds with Claris. So I pressed A, B, C, X, Y, Z, L, and R. Then, this weird menu you saw on the Debug Menu popped up in the bottom of the screen. It said,
I think it might be part of the Debug Menu left in. Though thats just my opinion. Maybe in the early beta, pressing Y, L, and R would bring up the Debug Menu. I can't do anything to this screen, other than un-pause it. In Mystic Forest or whatever (forgot the name) it displays 000000**.
If anyone could help me discover WHAT FLIP THIS IS XD or something, I would be glad.
Or maybe my disk is weird.

Sega Saturn won't save

13 February 2008 - 04:56 PM

Okay. Ever since I got my Sega Saturn, It always asked me to set the time and date and crap when I turn it on. Now, when I got NiGHTS, I played it so much! Then, when I turned it off for the night, little did I know that..
THE GAME NEVER SAVED. *shot* So I had to beat all of Claris' stages.. AGAIN. Well, I guess it was okay, because Mystic Forest's music and Jackle's music are awesum. XD Do I have to get that memory card thing? Or do I have to get a new Saturn?

Cyhunt's Art Projects

22 January 2008 - 02:20 AM

Hai everyone! I love to draw, so I decided to make an art topic for me. But this one is for my art projects, like clay figures, cosplays, and tutorials for you all. All of the finished cosplays and stuff will go into an archive on a website. I'll have to ask my friend, who owns the website, if I can put it up on EC.
For cosplays, I'm sorry, but I CAN'T put up my face on the internets, sorry. Also, for characters with more common names, I shall e stating what Anime/ game they come from.

Current Art Projects
Deidara Cosplay
Beauty (from Bobobo) Cosplay

First things first. My hair is ALMOST perfect to get his hair right. But, heck no I am NOT wearing a wig. My hair is much too poofy to go in a hairnet. My Hair is dark brown and very curly, but the length of my hair would be great. My bangs are as long as my own hair (If you saw my hair, it would look like I have no bangs XD) so It would be great for the bang that covers his left eye.

The Outfit. Since I AM a girl, I just can't replicate his shirt, so I'll just wear a black shirt. According to my Deidara plushie, he has blue pants. I can get some easily from a clothing store. I already have the cloak, as I bought it off of eBay for 50-60 dollars. Yeah, thats a lot of money. The cloak didn't come with any buttons or Velcro, so my Mom improvised and tried to glue on Velcro... but that didn't work. Well, the glue on the back of the Velcro just didn't adhere to the nylon cloak, so she tried using mosaic glue. Yeah, it got messed up pretty bad. So we gave up until my mom got a brilliant idea! She used to make jewelry, so she grabbed the end hook things and sew them on. It works pretty well, actually!

His headband. I'm still working on it, as I destroyed the first one. I used some cool fabric thats similar to the one used on an offical headband (I have a leaf headband) unfortunately, it's blue instead of black. But it won't matter. So I grabbed some "Fun Foam" from Jo Anns and tried to make the base. So I used a pen (BAD MISTAKE) and drew on the black foam. So them I used a scissors (I'm not allowed to use an Exacto Knife) and cut out the etched rock symbol onto the foam. I had no sandpaper, so I just left it that way. So I painted grey paint(couldn't find silver) and when it dried... THE PEN MARKS WERE STILL THERE. So I tried to cover it up many times, but I phailed. So I made a new one. I glued it onto the blue fabric I crudly cut out of the blue fabric, and put it on. Perfect fit! So I went to the Anime Club and people loved my costume X3 But then I used it to try out my sewing machine. Agh, I still need to get a hand of it (and learn how to use patterns) so I can finish this costume before Febuary, when the Con is.
My new idea is to use Shapelock plastic to make a mold of the Leaf headband I have, Make a new one out of the plastic using the mold as a base, and use SOMETHING to make the rock carving into it. Then I have to make MORE blue fabric headband things, but this time, making it look official and not all weird and unprofessional.

How the HECK do you breed 'Pians?

21 January 2008 - 11:37 PM

I really want a blowfish mepian, but I only have incomplete Mepians. I have one with everything except wings and feet, one with the wings, and a lot with the feet. So how the HECK do I breed 'pians?