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I am creating a card game! YAY!

24 January 2008 - 03:35 PM

I recently had an idea for a card game. It started as a fun little idea that I could create to play with my friends but soon, as the creative gears started to spin, it became so much more. Purgatory and I are spearheading the production but some of our other friends will be sure to help.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this topic because it doesn't have to do with NiGHTS (although he may make a cameo) but it DOES have to do with the nightmaren community here so I figured it wouldn't hurt posting it in this section since a lot of you may make an appearance! :D

The game is based on social activity and friendships. Let me start out by giving you the story: You play as the "new guy" who just moved into town/came out of seclusion and you start making friends. You join a social circle (or "circle" for short) and you quickly start making friends! Rival circles begin to compete against your circle for popularity and fame. As the new guy, you get wrapped up finding out about all the goings ons about the rivalry but you stand back as your newfound friends get into the "mix" and use their abilities to win over crowds, new friends, and fame.

Game mechanics: You draw characters from your deck and play them. These characters use cards and abilities to make more friends and gain rep, thus winning you the game. I won't go into how deep the system is, but it is based on a few existing card games including Legend of the 5 Rings, Magic the Gathering, and UFS. The point is, the character cards in the game are based on real life people and have traits and abilities just like them! I will start designing a bunch of cards based on people from each circle and one of the most important circles is the NiGHTS fandom! :D

I'm not sure how I will call the NiGHTS fandom but I've been calling them Nightmaren so far... :D

Anyways, I need characters to include into the Nightmaren circle so I come to ask you guys for your inclusion and ideas for the game. Remember, though: characters in this game are real life people, not NiGHTS fan characters! Later on I'm planning on making a system where you can create your own characters and circles! The advantage to being made NOW is that you will be slightly better than your custom character (That way the game will be balanced).

So please, tell me what you think about the game idea so far and tell me more about you if you want to be included in the game!

So far, characters in the Nightmaren circle that I plan on creating are:

Richard (Purgatory)
DiGi Valentine

It's-a-me, B-Movie!

11 January 2008 - 07:38 PM

Hello, NiGHTS peoples!

In case you couldn't read the topic title but you magically learned how to read after you opened this post: my name is B-Movie. No, that's a lie, my real name is [OMITTED] but everyone calls me B-Movie so that's how it's going to go from this point forward.

Since this section of the forums seems to emphasize narcissism, I will detail the definition of B-Movie:

(Ignore this first paragraph here if you have a short attention span)

I am a college student double majoring in Music (Voice) and Biology (Medicine) with hopes of becoming a Neurologist/Psychiatrist. I am extremely active in school as a member of nearly all the non-special interest clubs, volunteering as often as I can, and trying to join a few sports teams. I am also a member of Mensa (I know, I was surprised, too!)

That's the boring side of me, though. In my spare time I like hanging out with my best friend known to you as Purgatory and playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Trust me when I say I play Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I am serious about those things there.

I also write, draw, act, comeditize (is there even a word for "the creation of comedy"?... huh...), film, and play music (my recent passion). Although I can do all of these things pretty well, I've not mastered any of them. I guess I'm more of a Jack-of-all-Trades... kind of sucks if I want to create a career out of one, though.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my skills and activities. As a person I'm, well, how can I judge myself as a person? I'm kind of a complicated friend. I seem to be extremely well-liked when I'm around people, but at the same time I am also a very picky person. I will only befriend a person that compliments my personality. People who are funny, smart, and selfless (which are pretty hard to come by) are my holy grail.

I know, this was a long post and must have been pretty boring to read, that is, if you've actually read it. Hope you liked me, though.

OH! The most important thing: I know nothing about NiGHTS and I never played the games. So, yeah, there's that. ^_^