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Phantom Rin

Phantom Rin

Member Since 03 Jan 2008
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Hello there people

07 January 2008 - 04:19 AM

Hello to all of you I'm new to this forum here as you can tell. I've been a nights fan for a while even though I've never owned a Sega system after genesis (sadly) or many games.

I found out about the game when I was a big Sonic fan. So I saw a website that also had other sonic team games and the one that got my attention the most was NiGHTS. I was fond to the idea that it was a 3-D flying game based on dreams and also I liked his odd character design.

What interested me more was what I learned from this web site. I was able to see how artistic and innovative the game was especially for the time. I'm not sure I can even imagine me having the game when I was younger because I used to obsess over anything I liked(ex. many things).

After a while I kinda forgot about NiD except for when I saw a few cameos. A long whiles later I heard of a sequel and really wanted to get it to try it out. Anyways I love this game and got it soon after my birthday. I guess I love it cause I crave different and unique games from what one would usually see.

I'm kinda hurt at how they've treated sonic but, this game seems at least a step in the right direction.