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Phantom Rin

Phantom Rin

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In Topic: Bye for now guys

13 February 2008 - 06:43 PM

:) Well I'm glad to see that you two are doing okay as well. For some reason I hadn't noticed this topic before so yeah sorry about that and I would've also dropped some words of support as well. So yeah, hope that its smooth sailing from now on for you guys.

In Topic: Recommend a game!

13 February 2008 - 05:35 PM

First of all please excuse my horrid grammar I know it sucks. :)
Hmm, maybe that Pocahontas game for Sega Genesis. Though it was actually good for a licensed game and was ok as a platforming/adventure type of game.(especially since there were NO endless pits and a good number of puzzle type obstacles). :P Though I am kidding it is a pretty good game.

In seriousness I would say Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. I do agree that there's been too many harvest moon games and that they haven't been too different and varied from one another. This is probably one of the best harvest moons however. It is more of a culmination of all the previous games in that it took stuff from them but adds a few new things as well. One example are the many characters appearing from the previous games. This game pretty much gives you a lot more stuff you could do than the other ones anyway. This is also more like animal crossing in style and in other aspects such as the interior decorating. There is also a lot of space in the game and one could pretty much buy the entire place except for a few spots that the villagers own of course. You aren't given much except a house but could plant stuff anyway as long as someone else doesn't own the land. This was good though you could build your barns and such almost anywhere and move it later if you want. Though it is sorta hard to start it gets easier to do more stuff as you can upgrade your buildings and tools. They do in this one give you a visible energy bar which when depleted makes you faint although you could refill the bar and extend it. You also don't have to go to your menu to get out items either. One thing they suggest you do is help the Harvest Goddess which is the only thing the gives it something of a story though it's optional but, it's sorta a side thing and you do get stuff out of it. You also have a farming rival who is always your opposite gender (looks the same either way) and you compete with her/him in farming sales.

It was sorta overlooked 'cause it had a chibi cell-shaded style but, it really isn't that bad in fact it was very cute. In fact this was way better imo than the previous gamecube harvest moons which were a/nother wonderful life. They were pretty deviating from the previous ones which isn't a bad thing but the only thing it had going for it was the family aspect everything else was lacking. It also sorta tried to make things realistic but cartoony which was way ugly. Especially the guys you can marry in the girl version and yes it does matter in this one 'cause it forced you to get married. I'd say even the gameboy advance version that came around the same time was better (if only for it's pick up and play). Sorry, no more bashing on that game now, heh heh ;) . MM however gave you much space and options and didn't really force you to do anything. I felt that they could've done more with the festivals and mini-games though. The town's people are very boring to talk to but, you do usually get something out of befriending them. You could also make different animals like you besides your farm animals though you don't get much from them except for the dolphin. There is probably some things they didn't add but it doesn't really detract from the finished game. Plus at its new price of $40 it was a great deal (esp. with the sheep plushie). I regret to say though that a European version hasn't come out yet.

In Topic: SuperPians

13 February 2008 - 02:01 AM

I seriously don't get the sparkly trail either. It seems that some me/pians that don't have it could gain it or lose it if it has any. The thing that seems to be against it being from a goodle is those mepian eggs that randomly appear from only a nightmaren 'cause they might still develop that star trail. Not sure about the thing about it liking you as I think I've also seen it on some that didn't exactly like me much.

In Topic: Hola!

07 February 2008 - 05:03 PM

Hi there and welcome welcome. I hope you do find some people to play with of course.
My parents are from Argentina and visited there a couple of times (I was just there last year too).

In Topic: Random questions

04 February 2008 - 12:22 AM

Alright, thanks.

I have another one: why do my pians always die when I haven't left my garden? I see the number decrease all the time.

That's because they only seem to actually die if you leave the garden without feeding them. Thus if you don't want them to die make sure not are passed out (you know when there's swirling stars around them) when you leave the garden. Also you have to make sure all of them are fed when you're in the garden to see the actual total.