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Member Since 29 Nov 2007
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30 November 2007 - 01:31 AM

My name is Quad and I'm an art school hopeful from the US. I draw but I'm not very confident because I'm mostly self-taught (I took my first art class this year). All of the stuff I've done so far is traditional because the computer is my worst enemy when it comes to art programs.

I read lots of comic books, listen to lots of crazy ladies playing pianos, play video games, raise tamagotchi's on and off and watch a lot of animated stuff. I also like learning different languages until they get extremely difficult. Latin was the one I enjoyed the most but remember the least about XD and French is probably the language I have the hardest time understanding. A friend got me into NiGHTS back in 2003. He had previously owned the game but he sold it along with his Sega Saturn before I got the chance to try it :) . I tried looking for the game and a Saturn offline but nothing turned up. Now that a new game is being released, I'm going to get the sequel instead of the original (or both now that the original is going to be made for the PS2).

This is also the first time I've used a message board so I'm a little wonky with the controls. I also tend to type more than I need to. XD Please pardon my newbie-ness! :o