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Member Since 28 Nov 2007
Offline Last Active Nov 30 2007 03:22 PM

How do you pronounce "ideya?"

29 November 2007 - 12:33 PM

I've always been saying "eye-DAY-yah." Please correct me if I'm wrong though, because I don't believe its ever said in the games.

Keeping a Dream Diary

29 November 2007 - 03:52 AM

I've always been interested in lucid dreaming. I've kept a dream diary in the past with some results (half lucid dreams, kind of). Eventually though it gets too much to keep up with and I get lazy (my own fault I know). I've used an actual paper and pen journal, but I've been thinking of putting it down digitally, as I type faster than I write. I put up a blog here (I think that was what I was supposed to do, unless it's supposed to go somewhere else). Anyway, I'd like to know some of your dream diary experiences, and whether it does help you achieve lucidity, or if there are any other tips and tricks to become lucid too.

Another new guy...

29 November 2007 - 02:55 AM

Sup y'all? I'm more of a newbie to NiGHTS, only having bought a Saturn a few years ago (just for that game, and the Christmas edition). I won't tell you how much it cost (because you can't put a price on fun), but I'll tell you it was money well spent. I've always had ideas of what NiGHTS would be like, but until I actually played it I found out what a wonderful experience it was. I've also had an interest in lucid dreaming as well (though I've never been able to fully control it, as I'm too lazy to keep a dream diary XD I'm trying to work on that though). NiGHTS is one of those games that really makes you think, because it has so many inteneded (or uninteneded) secret meanings.

So, anyway, that's it. Just wanted to say hello, and hopefully I'll meet some new friends here.