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Icas Originals

21 December 2007 - 08:26 PM

Augh, this topic has been gathering dust for too long. Time for an update!

Moar can be found at my DevART page! Please pay a visit? :3

Some of you might have seen this already. Done back in... January?
Posted Image

Inspired by "Where the Wild Roses Grow" by Nick Cave
Posted Image

I love MGS3. Moar comix like this to come. Also, I missed out on Major Zeros scar. orz
Posted Image

Original character tiem~

Logan Raine from Archaic Red. No, he doesn't really have buttwings.
Posted Image

Dane Graave from Archaic Red. Music: Red Right Hand - Nick Cave
Posted Image

*moar to come*

Planning and Advertising Rules!

30 September 2007 - 05:46 PM

In addition to the General Rules (see Rule-section for your preferred rpg-subforum) we would like you to keep some things in mind when using the Planning and Advertising forum.

* Use the same title as you do in the rpg-section to make it easier for the players to find.
Example: "NiGHTS into Macarena!"

* In the description, add the following things so people can easily see what your rpg is about:

- Type of rpg. Is it serious, humor, AU?

- What stage is it in? Have you just started it, are you in the middle of planning or have you already begun playing? Don't forget to change the status as your rpg progresses!

- Are you open to new players, or are you already full?

Example: NiGHTS into Macarena!
Humor - Planning Stage - Open

* Lastly, use the first post to keep an update on the status of your rpg. If you need any specific characters, this is the place to advertise.

RPG Rules for Nightmare

30 September 2007 - 05:27 PM

Please read all the rules before you start an rpg!
Everytime you break a rule, the admins kill a pian. Please think of the pians.

Have fun~


* All RPs containing mature content must go here!

* No rape or sex!

* Blood and gore is allowed, but don't take it too far! Nothing more than you'd see in say Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

* No descriptive nudity. Some nudity is okay, but don't go into detail. Example being mentioning someone is nude is okay. Describing every pore is not. XD

* While this section is for mature RPs, please be mindful of other members who may be reading. Don't go nuts.


* No Double Posting. Edit your previous post if you have something to add.

* Godmodding is forbidden. Period.

* Proper spelling and grammar is highly encouraged. Netspeak is annoying. D< It gives a better flow to the rpg, and we will understand eachother better.

* Don't overdo the descriptions please. If it's not important to the plot, then you probably don't need to include it.

* The character and the one playing him/her is not the same thing. Just because Reala wants to kill NiGHTS in an rpg, does not mean that the one playing him wish to beat the crap out of the other player for real.

* Each RPG thread can have ONE OOC (Out Of Character) thread in the OOC-section. There you can plan your rpgs and request characters, and by doing that you will keep your rpg thread sparkly clean! :)

* Pictures are allowed for character and setting descriptions.

* When writing a story background to a role-play, do not write more then you are willing to read.

* Romance should be nothing under the clothing.

* Violence keep it PG-13, You can have mild gore, just do not go into graphic detail about it. IE let it be implied.

* If your character has a relationship with another character in the same rpg (eg, user Monpian is roleplaying as NiGHTS, and you want to play NiGHTS long lost twin sister.) ask that person first if that is ok. Some rpgers might not want to discover long lost relatives or bestest friends without previous warnings. By planning this in advance you can also make an interesting plot!

* The level of OOC-behaviour (eg, Reala is frolicking in a field of flowers on his day off) is determined by the starter of the rpg. State the level of seriousness in the titel please! Eg. "NiGHTS into Macarena! Crack-rpg!" or "The Dark Void That Eats Our Souls! Serious RPG!"

* AU rpgs are allowed, but make sure that it still has some connection to the original! If you can exchange the name of NiGHTS with Bob, then you're probably a bit too far off canon.

* All RPs must be NiD related. Example being you cannot just play the game on your Saturn at some point in your RP.

Daily Dream

29 September 2007 - 08:43 PM

Since the Dream Diaries aren't back up yet, I figured you guys might want a thread where you can share and discuss your daily dreams without cluttering up the Dream Forum. :3

Recommend a game!

02 September 2007 - 07:18 PM

Y'know how it can be. You stumble upon a game that's just.. so original or cute or fun, but no one else seems to have heard of it. (We're NiD-fans, this happens all the time for us, right? ;D )

This is were you can give that game a moment to shine. And to make it all easier for you I've even added a little template that you can use, if you wish. Feel free to recommend several games in one go, if you got a lot to say! ^_^

Type of game:

Right, here goes.

Title: Blinx- The Time Sweeper
Console: Xbox
Type of Game: Platform
Synopsis: You are Blinx, an antropomorpfic cat that works at the Time Factory, a place that manufactures and distributes time to other worlds. Your job is to correct glitches and corruptions within Time with your vacuum cleaner-like Time Sweeper.
When one of the worlds ends up at the brink of destruction, you alone set out to save it in a race against the clock.

Comments: Just started playing this one, but so far it's a lot of fun. Directed by NiD's Oshima, it's colorful, cute and got a pretty memorable soundtrack. The time combinations are a nice touch to the gameplay imo, and I think they will prove immensly useful once I figure out how to use them properly. XD The only downside I've found so far is that the camera can get a bit glitchy at times, so it's hard to see where you're supposed to go. Other than that, I really like it and I'm sure it's up for a couple of replays.

Title: Beyond Good and Evil
Console: PC, GameCube, Playstation 2, Xbox
Type of game: Action-Adventure
Synopsis: Jade, a young female photographer living on the planet of Hyllis, suddenly finds herself in contact with a secret rebel association: the IRIS Network. They are fighting to uncover the truth about the alleged protectors of the planet: The Alpha Section, and the alien DomZ that are currently holding Hyllis under siege. At first Jade is reluctant to get involved, but when she uncovers more and more disturbing proof she soon sets out on a quest to find out what's really good and evil.

Comments: This game really took me by surprise. Colorful, good graphics, plenty of things to do and gameplay that require accuracy, patience and a slice of strategy. The general design looks cool, the gameplay is acceptable (camera angles again, but that's about it) and the music... let's just say that "Akuda House Propaganda" still pops up on my music list on a regular basis.