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In Topic: My Dream Info

25 October 2021 - 05:09 PM

Here's some pictures (if the forum will actually let me post them), I played a bit of lost park beforehand though. My mountains won't make it past this height so I'm assuming that the terrain has to be mostly mountainous.

Wouldn't let me so have a link instead.


In Topic: My Dream Info

25 October 2021 - 05:03 AM

Honestly that could be a possibility. That last idea sounds kinda promising. Especially since the stamp seems to be a bunch of mountains. Also I see what you mean! I tend to play Aqua Garden for Helen or Pure Valley/Lost Park for Will since those stages I can finish in record time so testing doesn't take forever. That's a cool feature how that influences the textures of the mountains. But yeah I can send a picture but it'd have to be in the morning, it's really late for me in Illinois. But I do like that idea of making the terrain quite mountainous. I tend to mainly just get A's in levels but I wonder if I got low rankings instead. Maybe it would cause pitfalls, leading to more slopes, leading to more mountains? I'd be for streaming that soon if I see some progress offline.

In Topic: My Dream Info

24 October 2021 - 10:26 PM

I almost got a 2.0 on Girania phase 1, managed a 157 but 160 is the min for 2.0. I find it funny how long paraloop stays out for and how you can use it on Girania when it's small.

Anyway aside from that I'm looking at the manual and sadly it says performance only affects the items where as terrain is flight. I tried getting all my pians in one spot to see if that would work and while the terrain looks steeper it's still not larger. Very confused on this. I tried doing a bit of hex editing, but I got nothing to happen to the terrain sadly and corrupted a file (Don't worry it's a copy of my game so not my main copy which I use, but a separate in case I feel like testing). Ultimately just very confused. I tried the method of doing levels back to back before entering My Dream and before it worked but now I got nothing happening. I really wonder if the files have something we could see or some kind of decryption tool. Or something we could use to learn the requirements at least.

I wonder if there are any dataminers that would be willing to help. I tried but I am not an expert in the slightest with hex editing. Looking at the files has been good though. You think that's a possibility? Because right now my mountains have basically peaked.

In Topic: My Dream Info

24 October 2021 - 07:21 AM

That's actually my issue with Aqua Garden too. I'll be honest I wish terrain was dependent on happiness in the levels and then you could get at least like 25 chips as the kids per level. But then a lot of them don't give you much at all. And then the terrain is tied to My Dream flight stats. I would love to see a different take in the future for a sequel.

Also I made a bit of offline progress. I lost some height at first, then made mountains, and now it's starting to fill again. My only issue is how do I get the hills to go higher rather than fill. Luckily I found 2 grinding spots for purple in Aqua Garden. I also found out it's basically impossible to get a 2.0 on Girania and Cerberus in the Chase Missions. (1st Phase, not hard version). Cerberus' hit animation takes way too long for you to get it and it might as well be TAS only to loop Girania in 1 cycle, otherwise you can't get it cause he takes too long swimming.

Anyway, off topic. Do you have any pictures of your My Dream? I'd like to see your terrain but I'd also like to see the pians you grinded for!

In Topic: My Dream Info

22 October 2021 - 02:57 PM

I haven't played in awhile...but I think I easily have over 100-200 hours on mine! Ha. Between breeding for specific pians, keeping them all alive, and being obsessed with re-playing the levels over and over to see how it would affect my dream...
At one point, I was starting to DREAM about My Dream! Ha.
I just thought of something, you don't have the king pian in this file, do you? What if we need the king for the hills to get even taller...? Probably not, but it would probably help, since he keeps all of the pians in the same general area, which would probably help to grow the hills faster...
I always thought it would be cool to mod the game and sculpt the terrain exactly how you'd want it! Heh.
On my file, I explicitly sought out pians with low flying, so that I can try to make a "coast" on one edge of my dream... Heh. It's hard to keep them in line for that, though...so I had mixed results. Ha.

I do actually have King Pian on my file and have stamps 1, 2, 4, and 5. Also wow that's so many hours! I don't think the King helped grow the mountains themselves. Corralling them has been nice though and I think it's why my mountains are forming all together into one in center. The mountain isn't steep though, it's just large and looks like the whole My Dream area rose up. Kinda looks like an upside down parabola if you stand by the door!