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Has anyone had any success modding the PC port?

16 December 2020 - 08:45 PM

For a long time I've been torn whether the original or the remaster of NiGHTS is the objectively better game, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Then I had the idea to mod the remaster and make it closer to the original, even down to restoring Elliot & Claris' triple jump momentum and increasing the hitbox of a paraloop back to the original, which was a bit larger than the loop itself and made the Gillwing 2.0 much more manageable. But sh!t, I'm having a hard time trying to reverse-engineer all these files, I can't even open any of them to see what I'm working with. I could probably figure out a way to view and edit BIN files with time, but .csc? .ddm? I've never even heard of these extensions. Makes me think the only way to even see what those are would be to use the exact same engine SonicTeam used way back in 95, which would probably be damn near impossible to find. I know that leaked Sonic Xtreme Jade Gully prototype uses the NiGHTS engine which killed it because Yuji Naka has the brain of a 4 year old, but that would probably be even harder to crack, even if experienced hackers cared.


TL;DR haelp