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In Topic: Selling NiGHTS poster + Comic

09 November 2012 - 04:18 PM

Hey dude i know that feel. I started off collecting merch but ended up giving bits of it away, like my comics, because it's kind of like absorbing all the enjoyment you can from the things you love and being able to retain it without having to see it anymore. It's definitely a growing older thing. It was nice to read your thoughts on it <:3

Didn't the poster come from Famitsu? I seem to remember that being said somewhere when you first posted it ages ago.

I'm glad it's just a growing-older thing. Ha ha! (It's also good to hear from you.)

I don't know what Famitsu is. Unless it's a magazine? Honestly, I don't recall details very well. It feels like so long ago now.

In Topic: Selling NiGHTS poster + Comic

07 November 2012 - 10:01 PM

If you have time to share the story, I was wondering where the poster came from? It's really cool, and you said you went through a lot to get it?

There isn't much of a story, I'm afraid. At least, nothing interesting like fighting back dark lords or dragons. Just a bunch of hassle with the previous owner. However, since this is the last time I'll be seeing this poster, I'd like to state again how it's my most prized merchandise I've ever owned. NiGHTS or otherwise. And I'll tell you why...

Ever since I saw that small graphic in Christmas NiGHTS, I had always dreamed of seeing a larger version.Wild fantastic ideas of it maybe even being a plaque or something outlandish. It was something I yearned for, but over time felt was impossible like many other dreams I have had to give up on over the years. I thought it was like the other images in the Christmas NiGHTS collection just images. (Aside from the obvious plush toys and hat)

For a short while I had made it a hobby of alerting the NiGHTS fanbase of merchandise that was available (Usually through e-bay or international services).That's when I saw the poster. I was skeptical at first, but selfishly bought it outright. The seller, I suppose, realized they could have gotten a better price for it and tried to pull out of the transaction. I was much younger then, and I admit, way more obsessed than perhaps healthy, but I did get what I wanted most... even if it meant lots ore time and money. The most satisfying moment of all was unrolling the poster for the first time. It made me cry. Happy tears, mind you. Like the whole world was fluffy and wonderful, and there wasn't a speck of darkness left in it. I was finally able to hang it over my bed like I had always wanted to do with it as a 'plaque' and have cherished it. Even now, though it's been safely kept in a storage tube, I love it. I will always love it, for it is a dream come true when I thought it was too late to pass.

But that appears to be my luck with NiGHTS... the moment I give up on a dream, it becomes a reality.

Earlier in my life, I was very selfish. I NEEDED EVERYTHING. But now that I'm older, I have come to realize I don't need to own things to appreciate them. I don't know about anyone else, but a part of growing up for me has been to simply appreciate things. So, even though I'm selling it, I don't need to posses this poster to love it. I have witnessed it's greatness and I have fond memories of it and everything it stands for and means to me.

And that's all that truly matters.


As far as where the poster came from, it's actual origins are from a Japanese magazine. I haven't any idea which one, but that's as much as I could gather from the time. I don't speak or read Japanese, so I honestly couldn't tell you. I'm sorry.

In Topic: Selling NiGHTS poster + Comic

03 November 2012 - 02:19 PM

I buy the two things for 100 $ + "shipping".
Send me a PM if you agree and I will send the data.

By the way, I tried to send you a PM but will not let me

I accept.

I PMed you. Not sure why it won't let you contact me,as I don't have anything turned off. Just checked. If you still have issues, I'll send you my e-mail.

Thank you.

In Topic: Selling NiGHTS poster + Comic

02 November 2012 - 05:49 PM

Do you accept payment by paypal?

I prefer paypal. Any other method would have to be discussed and agreed upon.