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Member Since 25 Apr 2007
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Anne Rice: Vampire chronicles

27 August 2007 - 01:23 PM

Hellooo wondered if anyone on here reads the Vampire Chronicles by Anne rice?
Im on the one about Aramad ATM ^^

and my gowd!! she says she isn't writing any more VC books O_O;; because and I quote "she has re-found god"

yeah... you spend your life writing books about evil, and NOW decide its a good idea to go back....
shes aparantly writing a book about the life of Jesus, didnt anyone tell her theres already a book about that? its called THE BIBLE. ahhh LULZ

Post your Fan Marens?

12 June 2007 - 07:56 PM

Hello I’m not sure if I should have made a new thread for this ^^; please shout at me if I should have just added it to my other topic....

Following on from my topic here: http://www.nightsintodreams.com/forum//ind...p?showtopic=453
on how to make you own fan Maren, I was wondering if everyone would do me a HUGE favour and post up a picture of your own fan maren? it would help me out a lot ^^ also I think its nice to have a page where people can see all the ones created, as I don’t think there is a page for this already?

Thanks again everyone for putting up with me and my questions! they don’t call me "The pest" for nothing ^_~


how to make your own fan-Maren? guide? UPDATED

10 June 2007 - 05:35 PM


I just finished the rough draft of my fan Maren ^^ for the time being I’m going to call him “Aypricot Kleptomania”
Please leave constructive criticism!!
Posted Image
This is the simplistic colour version, which I like :blink:
Im thinking of making the triangle parts of his tail armour, just like markings instead of having them rasied.... also will prob re-colour said armour Blue, and take off some of the black.... try and limit it to 3-4 max colours....

Update Over!

I wish there was a “how to make your own fan-Maren” guide ^^;

I keep looking around on DA and seeing everyone’s fan Maren’s and NiGHTS characters and I must admit that I want one of my own ^-^; *blushes*

I mean I am a very creative person ^^ but when It comes to thinking bouncy nightmare-ish ness that well… needs to be as odd and colourful and bright as Maren’s are I kinda… well shy out ^^; I think to myself have I go too far O_O; is it to Kitsch?

I have an idea of what she/he would look like, but I wanted to come on here first and ask if there are any no-no’s when making a Maren? Or must dos? Really I guess I’m asking for advice? Those of you who have your own fan Maren’s how did they come about? Should it be something that just comes to you one night? Or did you design them?

don’t get me wrong I don’t just want a fan-Maren because everyone else has one, I want it to be my avatar in the NiGHTS community, so people will no me as Tashy with the-such and such- Maren

Anywhoo ^^; thanks for reading my ramblings ^.^ Woo for some odd reason my spell checker likes to capitalise Maren O_O; Oh! If this is in the wrong place sorry :(;

Tashy's Plushie's

04 May 2007 - 11:40 PM

Hello all well I thought I would prostitute myself further by posting up my crazy little deformed plushies on this lovely forum unleashing there evil upon you all…er… I think this is the part were I go “mwahah” and Lighting flashes O_o; But hey, enough craze…

Due to the fact that whenever I Try and post images of my plushies up here they dont seem to want to work, Ive decided to simply Hot link you all to my Website:


or I can be found at:


^_^ go in have a look around and sign the Guest book!


Tashy's BACKKK

26 April 2007 - 10:20 PM

Hello ^^ My name is Tashayarna :P or ya'll can just call me Tashy ^^

You will come to know me as the one whose hair changes colour more often then I change my under panties ^.^

I also LOVE to hoard fabric, Collect Japanese Dolls named Pullips, and give stupidly expensive gits to friends... I love Hair dye and have been every colour under the sun, I am a Pagan I am 20 years old, my star sign is the Libra and the Tiger, I’m in love with the most wonderful man alive!

I am a DevianTART ^.^ and I’m DAMN proud of it! ^___^ I make Plushies! and you know you want one! I’m also in a really HORRIBLE FEUD with SiLK…yes….we hate each other O__O

HMM...everything covered....

oh yeah...NiGHTS....I like his fashion sense ^.^ and wish I could afford a Wii...enough said...