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In Topic: Idea for the next NiGHTS game

19 October 2011 - 02:31 AM

You have to admit Wizeman's was good though. I loved his "I will take your mind, your conciousness, and create a NEW, MORE OBEDIENT SERVANT!" And when you were fighting him, "Behold, the power of a god... recieve my judgement." I really think it added to his intimidation.

Very true! Wizeman's voice-actor did a great job. I got shivers the first time Wizeman spoke XD

In Topic: Idea for the next NiGHTS game

16 October 2011 - 04:47 AM

Might as well add my two-cents.

- I"d honestly prefer it if the Nightmaren spoke in their dream language, if they were given voices at all. Listening to JoD NiGHTS and Reala banter in hideous fake English accents made me want to shove all sorts of uncomfortable-looking objects into my ears. (Although Reala's wasn't NEARLY as bad as NiGHTS' voice. Kinda like a Tim Curry impersonation) Maren dialogue could have that dreamy, sort of muffled quality that the (very few) voices in NiD had.

- More original bosses, please. I love the original baddies from NiD, but bosses for different, new characters should be, y'know, DIFFERENT.

- Since tutorials are in most games nowadays, just have NiGHTS teach the dreamers how to fly. We don't need a Winnie the Pooh reject to teach us how to "KEEP MOVING TO THE RIGHT".

- Go back to the Nightopians' original design. Or something similar. Please. Just. Gods.

- Make Paralooping deadly again. A Paraloop is supposed to be an attack, after all.

- I'm down with having different types of levels in a NiGHTS game, I really am. But the ones in JoD weren't executed very well, kinda contrived, didn't make a lot of sense, etc etc. Improve them, please.

- Have the boss battle for the stage be the VERY last thing you do in that stage. And only make us fight the boss ONCE.

In Topic: DeviantArt Accounts

16 August 2011 - 03:09 AM

Mostly fan-art and RP stuff right now.


In Topic: If you could see your Ideya...

22 July 2011 - 06:23 AM

-Strongest to weakest-

Green: I suppose this would be my strongest. I've always acted a little older than I am, and lots of things made it necessary for me to grow up quickly.

Blue: Second strongest. Though I despise school, I do pretty well at it. And I love learning random things, so...yeah.

Red: Although I'm by no means as courageous as some great Arthurian Legend or some such equivalent, I've become a lot more daring and brave then I used to be.

White: Not a lot gets past me nowadays. I struggle to control my filthy thoughts and jokes XD

Yellow: Don't really have much hope for things anymore. You can certainly count on me to be the pessimist.

In Topic: Has anyone visited a Nightopia?

22 July 2011 - 06:03 AM

That sounds pretty crazy, I'm guessing that dream inspired the picture in your icon XD it made me laugh. I've never actually met NiGHTS in a dream, and the only Nightmaren I've ever met in a dream was Nightfly (which I later decided to call the enigmatic firefly Nightmaren in my dream) and in another a character from another series which I later decided to turn into a Nightmaren, Julie the Zora. Still it sounds like you have some pretty wild dreams, and that's a cool idea for a Nightopia!

XD Glad you like it! That's really cool that you've seen your Maren in your dreams. Mine have never appeared in my dreams, and yet CONSTANTLY show up in my little sister's Nightopia....TO BADMOUTH ME XD All my dreams are incredibly bizarre. I can never manage to have a decently NORMAL sounding dream XD It's a pretty cool Nightopia. Wish I could manage to get there again~ And yours must be breathtaking! It sounds so beautiful!