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Member Since 24 Aug 2013
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Gonzo draws NiGHTS stuff sometimes

25 August 2013 - 01:31 PM

The following isn't all of it, but it's currently what I'm most proud of (even the embarrassing old art). Includes some WtaHM stuff.



Really old 2005/6 stuff


http://fav.me/d3dtp6e Old-school Spectramis, or what I could discern of her design. Apparently I'm one of the few people who ever drew fanart of her, and even then I cheated and swapped out Gold and Silver for that green half-spear thing.


http://fav.me/d3dto5v Something I drew in '07, I think? Wish I could remember the story behind this.




http://fav.me/d27v6m0 Day and Night, aka Claris and Elliot.


http://fav.me/d32yrq9 NiGHTS and Megaman, the latter wearing a very colourful outfit.


http://fav.me/d3cl82d The final version of my hatless NiGHTS (for the longest time, I just borrowed TRiPPY's).


http://fav.me/d4yjhrf NiGHTS, Selph, and Reala. (Funtastic fact: my version of Selph used to be a NiGHTS retool...)


Recent stuff


http://fav.me/d6j8f2c Puffy and Zazz (Sonic Lost World). Be warned that it's a bit rude.


http://fav.me/d6jmw2m Sonic isn't enjoying the flight NiGHTS is trying to take him on...


http://fav.me/d6jmwzz Miniature art dump, mostly of NiGHTS annoying Sonic. 



(Also, I've got a question. I have this rough sketch of Engelbaum!Astrima and Orange Love as Zeti [the Lost World baddies], but I'm not sure what parts of them should be what colour. Obviously their bodies would be red and orange respectively, but I'm not sure about eyes, nails or horns. Any suggestions?)