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Darren Shan and The Looking Glass Wars

05 September 2008 - 10:23 PM

The Vampire Chronicles/Vampire Diaries as some say is to me, best vampire novel series out there for young people. Better than that Twilight nonsense -which feels like a total rip off-. It feels so heartfelt and so tragic when you read what happens to Darren *sigh* I have to say, it's a good series, very underappreciated.

And The Looking Glass Wars = best adaption of Alice in Wonderland EVER. It's so sharp and deadly in places. And Hatter Madigan for the win. I guess I have a total soft spot for Alice and stuff.

So opinions folks? What's your feel for these if you've read 'em.

Why more people need to play the original!

05 September 2008 - 09:48 PM

Ok, we'll flash back to a couple of months ago, boyfriend and me get JoD, I own NiGHTS and Crimbo NiGHTS, he doesn't. He's never played NiD except for the Wii version. We play it for a couple of weeks and we both give a review.

He enjoyed it.
I disliked it.

Anyway, this leads to a discussion about the old school NiGHTS on Saturn and I mention how I have more fun playing that over JoD and boyfriend askes why. I state that there is little to restrict you in creating a Nightmaren for example and there is little of this new fangled silliness. Call me old school lol! I also explain that you miss out on awesome bosses and music and atmosphere in NiD the original which is -to me- lost in JoD.

He now really REALLY wants to play NiD on the saturn and it made me smile. However, some of my other friends feel the old one is rubbish and lacks substance.

So follow me on this one, my fellow NiDers. Do you feel that anyone who has played JoD should play the original to get a feel of what it was like in the 90's? I mean, admittedly I love the original because the limitless fun you can have weaving in your own story and exploring ideas, where as the new one is too restricted.

Soooorry if this may be in the wrong topic ^^; It's been too long since I forumed.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope, it's just me again

04 September 2008 - 09:28 PM

I thought I'd redo this since my last one is A) Out of date and B) I got new stuff to cover lol.

Hello all, I am Aura-Moon. I'm not a newbie here, far from it, I'm somewhat of an oldbie. I have a...history here XD But trust me, I'm on my best behaviour now. I once said I couldn't show my face here but I've cleaned up my act and matured much more. I've learnt from my mistakes and hope to become a big part of the community once more *phail*

I'm a 17 (18 on Sept 7th, yay me) year old art student from Wales in the UK. I've been into NiD since um...2004 but I'm told I played it when I was like 6 or 7 so bah. I somewhat of an oddity to my friends, I'm open minded and happy to help anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on. I have a fanmaren of course *new ref on the way* and a DAland page of course.

I've been in a happy relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years. I'm somewhat reluctant to chat at first cause I often start off on the wrong foot *sigh*.

My art style is a mixture of cliche anime, sonic the hedgehog and my own little...weirdo stuff. I will draw almost anything of a tasteful (to the most part) topic. I am currently working on a large scale comic series with my boyfriend called Rebellion which is an anthro comic we've been working on for two years. It has a huge number of characters, plot twists and sexy ladies in mini skirts, yaha.

Anything else...oh yeah, I know some may not be happy to see me and I apologise greatly but I want to try again! *bows head* Ahem.

Oh yush, during the Gen period, I was known as LiBERATiON which made many people laugh and agree that it was a good symbol XD i still affectionately call myself that on some things so yush.

Bye bye all!


19 October 2007 - 06:26 AM

>> << I shame meself LOL


As a first entry, my sub-gen doodle *moved for I made a little error oops XD* >> Tried and failed at vector art w00t

Posted Image

This is my own personal concept of what LiBERATiON looks like headwise >>; I got really bored one day and doodled my sub-gen for a laugh. Her genstone is a bass cleff (musical symbol) just cause it was the only thing I could think of for the mean time. It's totally messy and really badly done LOL

and I know, iMAGNi art shouldn't really be posted (least i think that's a rule) but...I like it >>;

enjoy ^^


Posted Image

A world of warcraft fanart (I play on EU servers) of my blood elf warlock and my boyfriend's blood elf rogue from the RP servers! It won me a second place in a local art contest ^_^


Posted Image

My collab with my dear friend Rita (www.vanilla-wicked.deviantart.com) of our Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines characters XD the smexy goth girl is mine and the smexy doll girl is hers! She did the lineart and yours truely did the colouring with a gorgeous stock phot from Opium-Dreams over on DA.


Posted Image

Mini collab between me and Master Purg *zing!* He drew me on msn and I imported the lineart into photoshop and gave it colour >>; I love it...it's too close to the real me


Posted Image

A humanized version of my fursona, Mint O_o eh it's a cool pic *zing*


Posted Image

Finally, a photo of my GCSE graphics project. I made a DVD set based on mine and Scarz's *boyfriend <3* little script stuff called Rebellion!