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New patch released!

21 November 2012 - 10:35 PM

As charlie already hinted at, Sega actually released a new patch for the XBox360 version of the game today! I'm not sure if it's been released for PS3 as well, I still have to check that. I've just tried the controls a bit, and I'm definitely noticing a difference. My first impressions are that the controls now feel similar to the PS2 Sega Ages game, which basically means they're, indeed, fixed.

I'm not sure if there are other changes yet. I got the impression that NiGHTS seems to move faster than before, although that could just be the snappier controls making it seem that way. I'll leave the more detailed analysis to the experts here :) I'll also make a new video showing the comparison between the old and new version. Also, thanks to all the people that contacted Sega about the control problems, and of course Sega themselves for listening to the fans!

NiGHTS PS3 theme

12 October 2012 - 12:05 AM

Just a reminder for those that bought the PSN version: there's a free NiGHTS theme you can download from the PSN store (had some difficulty finding it, it's best to check the latest releases). I think you have to pay for it if you didn't buy NiGHTS HD though.

Contacting Sega about the control problems

09 October 2012 - 12:32 AM

We don't really have a thread specifically about the controls yet, so I hope I'm allowed to create this new one. I think we should look into contacting Sega regarding the lack of precision in the controls of the HD version. At least, I don't see the harm in trying! If I've learned anything from the NiGHTS community, it's that they're good at this kind of thing :) Initial sales for the game seem to be promising, which is actually really important. I've seen people say they're holding of on buying the game until the control problem is fixed. I strongly encourage them to buy the game anyway. NiGHTS as a franchise depends on this game. If the game is profitable, we can probably expect to see more NiGHTS ports on the next-gen systems. Those ports could resolve the issues we have in the current HD port. But if it doesn't sell, we can forget about seeing NiGHTS again. The control issues aren't worth risking that, especially given how low the price of the game is.

Also, the PC version isn't even out yet. If the console versions sell, Sega may yet invest additional resources into fixing the controls for it. And who knows, if we get lucky they may patch the console versions as well. With that said, I made this video in the hopes of illustrating the problem. I think it really shows the difference between the Saturn version and the HD version:


I've looked at the PS3 version as well, it seems a bit better than the XBox360 version in terms of controls, but it's still not comparable to the PS2 version and the original game.I think our best chance of getting something done is simply contacting Sega's support (seemed to work for Binary Domain when Steam users contacted Sega about control issues, and for the PS3 port of Bayonetta). I don't think a petition is really helpful in this case as we don't quite have the numbers to make a real impression, better to have a 100 support emails than 100 signatures on a petition in my opinion. I think these are the two links we can use:

America: https://segaofamerica.zendesk.com/home
Europe/other: https://support.sega.co.uk/home

Click "submit a request" to open a ticket with support. Obviously we should to send constructive feedback. For example, tell them you like the game and would like for it to be a success, but emphasize that the controls are really important for the replayability of the game and that the current controls do not allow the level of control needed to get the link chains that were possible in the Saturn version. If you bought the game on multiple platforms, or you're in the top leaderboards for a certain level, you can mention that as well. I'll elaborate a bit more tomorrow, and will then contact their support myself as well.

So, any thoughts on this, think it's a good or bad idea? Or does anyone have other suggestions?

So who's buying the game on multiple platforms?

07 October 2012 - 02:34 PM

I just bought the game on PSN after getting the XBLA version. Normally I only get the PC version, but since that one isn't out yet and this is of course NiGHTS we're talking about, I decided to make an exception and support the game by getting multiple copies. Not just because I still regard NiGHTS as the best game ever, but also because it's really important that this game succeeds for us to see more Saturn remakes *cough*Panzer Dragoon*cough*.

Easter eggs (changing system time)

07 October 2012 - 01:27 AM

Apparently it's possible to get these easter eggs on the HD version as well:

July 20th: Play Splash Garden as Claris in a summer outfit.
August 31st: Play Splash Garden as Elliot in a summer outfit.
October 1st-30th: Play Mystic Forest as Claris in a witch costume.
October 31st: Play Mystic Forest as Elliot in a vampire costume.

Someone reported that he got the witch costume one, which seems to make sense since we're in October now, but it's not working for me. Also, apparently you can't change the system clock on the XBox360 when you're logged into XBox live. And when I log out, change the system time and start the game, it asks me to log in again which I'm guessing will alter the system time again. Anyone know how this works?