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OLD Games

19 May 2008 - 10:36 PM

Now, I'm not all that old, even though I act like it, and feel it in various ways. (Back pain, Cataract Surgery... 17 YEAR-OLDS DO NOT GET CATARACTS!!)
And, in the constant flood of new games like Shooting Star Rockman 3 and the two Sonic Games coming up, I think it's time we look to the past, when gaming was simpler. But not too simple as to bore us all to death, you got that? XD I mean the GREAT old games, not TETRIS or PONG old! Like (For example) X-Wing VS TIE Fighter for the Windows 95. (For which I have recently spend 60 bucks getting the game, the expansion, and a controller for it. I just hope it bloody works on Vista. XD Still waiting for the controller in the mail, because it doesn't accept a mouse.)
Now, to me, it doesn't matter HOW old it is, so long as it's for a 'retired' system, like, for example, the GBA or GBC, or, h*ll, even the GBP/GB!!
Now, obviously current-gen and last-gen systems are banned from this conversation. Except for the GBA. Why? Because I said. :P

So, if you have an old game that you still love to play (Aside from NiGHTS :wub: ) discuss it here.

I'll start.
LONG LIVE KIRBY SUPER STAR!! God, that's a fun game! Especially when you're the helper. XD You're the little transforming b*stard that takes away Kirby's power just to stay alive. I like all the different forms the helper can take, too. I'm a bird! I'm a plane/jetpack thing! NO! I'M KNUCKLE JOE!! BWAHAHAHAHA!
It's for the Super Nintendo. BUY IT. Or the remake which will HOPEFULLY come out for the DS. Most Kirby games have been shelved recently, so...

Crossover-Style NiGHTS, Reala, Jackle, etc.

12 January 2008 - 10:16 PM

(If this needs to be moved from the NiGHTS section, go ahead. This just seemed the most appropriate place to do it, because it's still technically NiGHTS art.)

Okay, since I'm bored, and this Board has some FANTASTIC artists who love to show off their skills, I decided to come out of the shadows and put on a contest that has no real point to it.
No Prizes, no end, no point.
Think of this as an excuse to blend NiGHTS with your other favorite subjects.
Ever want to do a Naruto/Pokemon/Bleach/Doctor Who/MAR/Invader Zim/Stargate/Star Wars/Star Trek/'Insert other 'Star' Show/movie here'/WHATEVER-style NiGHTS? Or maybe Reala? Jackle? Clawz? Anyone!
Go ahead and post it here! This thread is dedicated exclusively to crossover pics!
There's no limit to the insanity.
Darth Balon!
Military-Clad NiGHTS with a Zat!
Reala with a Laser Screwdriver!
Clawz GIR!
Selph as the Invisible Man!! [/crueljoke]

Go out and draw! *Patiently waits for the topic to collect dust*

Digimon World: Dusk

05 January 2008 - 08:28 PM

Okay, obviously, I need 'Heeeelp'.
I just got past the Gaia Origin Mission and got BeelzemonBM(Don't laugh)'s scan data. Now what do I do? I know there's more stuff, since I've read that you can get

There's no missions at the desk... Help?

Gamefaqs Front Page

26 December 2007 - 07:07 PM

I just went to Gamefaqs to look up a guide for another game, and much to my surprise, I was treated to NiGHTS, Will, Helen, and a Nightopian on the front page. Convenient, because every gamer on the planet that got a new game for Christmas will be heading to Gamefaqs today. Well-planned, on SEGA's Part.

Staff of Selph

29 November 2007 - 12:14 AM

(Check the OOC Topic for Bios)

At one point in time, there was only one Level-One Nightmaren, called Selph. Selph was the most powerful Maren of his time, rivaling even Wizeman in strength. This fact greatly disturbed Wizeman. Coupled with Selph's suspicious nature, Wizeman began to fear a rebellion, and even began to fear being overthrown or even killed by Selph. For this reason, Wizeman put Selph down, permanently.

Legend has it that Wizeman was unable to kill Selph, and was only able to entomb him inside his own staff. If anyone was able to break Wizeman's Seal, while still keeping Selph's power under control, their combined strength could overthrow Wizeman and Nightmare. However, no Pian or Dreamer alone can control Selph, and Wizeman, the one who performed the seal to begin with, is unable to harness this power for that very reason. Wizeman knew this from the beginning, and sealed the staff away from any of his minions who might try this.

Nearly a hundred years later, the present day, Reala has found out about The Staff of Selph from Wizeman, who has grown in power since the 'Time of Selph', as the era had been called. Reala's power in recent times nearly equals Selph's power a hundred years ago. Wizeman has all but forgotten the Staff's hiding place, but he trusts Reala to wield this power, and sends him to find it, somewhere over the border of Nightmare, in Nightopia. Wizeman believes that if Reala wields the Staff of Selph, the two together would have enough combined power to wipe out all of Nightopia in a single fell swoop.

Now, this being extremely important information, it spread through Nightmare like wildfire, and eventually even spread through to the Nightmaren stationed in Nightopia. And, when a Rouge Nightmaren finds out about this information, it will unfold into one gigantic mess.

Frostbite tosses aside the Level-Three Nightmaren he had just tortured for information. "Reala's after the Staff of Selph... Well, can't let him have THAT, now can I?"
Frostbite turns to his Apprentice, who was playing with a group of Pians. "Oi. Stop playing around. We gotta move."
"Oh, co-" Luna begins, only to have Frosty interrupt her mid-sentence with a teleport, landing right in the center of the ring of Nightopians, scaring them all half to death.
"Now!" Frostbite says menacingly, his cold eyes piercing through Luna's skull, and his ice-cold breath becoming visible.
"R-Right. I'll go get my things." Luna says hurriedly, running off.

****(Some time Later)****

Frostbite sighs. The Borderlands. Not quite Nightopia, not quite Nightmare. Just a frozen mess of Rabbits, Skulls, Ice Cream, and some Syrup-like blood drizzled on top. If it WAS blood. In recent days, Nightmare's borders had stopped growing as rapidly as they once had, and Frosty knew why. Reala wasn't there to hold their hands and lead them to victory. But if Reala came back with the Staff of Selph, that would be the end of Nightopia.

Nobody quite knew what the Staff even did. The rumors where so mixed with the truth, it was impossible to tell which was which. Some claimed it was the ultimate source of power for Nightmare, and would allow it's borders to consume Nightopia once and for all. Others thought it would act as a portal to the Waking World, in various different ways. Either by turning a Nightopian or a Nightmaren into a Dreamer, or by actually opening a portal, and sending them to the Waking World, stripping them of their powers in the process, and simply stranding them there.
Frostbite shakes his head. Whatever the Staff did, it would upset the balance. Not that he cared. He just didn't want Reala to have it.
"Frosty, how much longer to we have to stay here? It's freezing!" Luna says.
Frostbite groans. Wizeman's latest attempts at creating powerful Maren had turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of pansies. Ideya-Maren, they where called. An attempt at harnessing the infinite power within an Ideya. However, the Ideya-Maren had some 'Unfortunate Add-ons'. Human emotion. Human weakness. It made him sick.
"Quit complaining." Frostbite says. 'He's la-'
Suddenly, they heard a crunching of snow. Footsteps. Suddenly, the body of a Level-Three maren was thrown at Frostbite's feet.
"Surrender, or you'll end up like your friend."
Jackle. That was Jackle's voice. They where found out.
"Jackle, old buddy old pal." Frostbite says, watching as he and Luna where both surrounded by monolithic cards.
"Don't even bother trying to kiss up, Frostbite. You may have a small following within Nightmare, but I'm not one of them. You're considered just as much of a traitor as NiGHTS." Jackle says.
"Good to know." Frostbite says, looking at the body at his feet. "I can't believe you killed PUPPiT. Wasn't he, like, your biggest fan or whatever?"
"Stop changing the subject, Frostbite! Today, you die." Jackle says as the cards around the two begin to glow menacingly.
"Oh, today's not a good day for me to die." Frostbite says, looking at an imaginary watch. Jackle had no idea that he wasn't even in the Borderlands. He was thousands of miles away, in Nightopia, controlling the two replicates. "Well, since it doesn't seem as though I'll be getting the information I need today, I'll just leave." The replicate of Frostbite says, beginning to melt. The replicate of Luna was doing the same, and as Jackle stares in disbelief, PUPPiT's body begins to disintegrate. It was an illusion all along.


Frostbite sighs. He was standing at the edge of a waterfall by himself. Luna was off in a Nightopian town, being... Luna, and he still had no clue as to where either Reala or NiGHTS was.
Frostbite wasn't particularly fond of NiGHTS. In fact, like most other Nightmaren, he hated him. However, he hated him slightly less than most other Maren, and felt he deserved at least some sort of a warning as to what was coming. However, Frostbite hadn't seen NiGHTS since the last time they (Frostbite and Reala) had tried to kill him, and he was probably unaware of what was even going on.
Frostbite soon hears a rustling behind him. Luna? ... No, WAY too quiet for it to be her. Probably a Pian. ... No, too loud to be a Pia-
"I GOTCHA!" A voice screams, as something tackles him from behind, forcing them both over the cliff's edge.
"What the h*ll?!" Frostbite screams as the two fall in a tangled mess. Frostbite quickly freezes a portion of the waterfall and uses it as a platform, landing on it, before ripping the little attacker off of his back. It was a Rabbit-Humaren. An Ideya-Maren. A crazy-a** one to boot. He could tell by the amused look on her face.
"What... The H*ll...?" Frostbite mutters, taking them both back up to the top of the waterfall. He would have just let her drop, but she had a vice-grip around his waist. As Frostbite clears the top of the waterfall, he saw a familiar face.
"Ah, Kigaku." Frostbite says, addressing the foxlike humaren. "I assume this crazy is the little rabbit I've heard so much about from the local Pians?"
"Yup." Kigaku says.
"I assume you're going to try and take me back to Wizeman now, right?" Frostbite says.
"Not exactly." Kigaku says.