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Member Since 27 Oct 2007
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In Topic: US Nights JOD commercial

17 December 2007 - 02:59 PM

I seen this commercial aired once last Saturday morning around 10:30ish while waiting for Dinosaur King to come back on.... I don't have cable and it was on the FOX network. It really drove me mad the rest of the morning hoping to catch another glimpse. It doesn't make sense that this commercial isn't aired enough. While Sega is advertising the heck out of that Golden Compass and Mario & Sonic titles........

Anyway, I was so excited when I seen it. It did show quite a bit of juicy new in game shots and CGI. The music was the usual Nights theme mix. Which had me swaying my head on cue. I really love the CGI which displayed Nights flying about in a playful manner. As the usual voice over describes the game and content. I hope to see it again soon. Yet in another day I suppose it doesn't matter.

In Topic: The next Nights SOUNDTRACK!

16 December 2007 - 01:13 PM

I can't wait for this soundtrack to be released. I simply loved the original titles soundtrack and I am sure this one will be just as good. I've already caught myself running to watch videos just to hear the music. I am sure once I get this set of CDs they will be on my playlist for quite awhile. I am hoping I can manage to find a copy. Will most likely pre-order this soundtrack. That way I know I am going to get a copy before it sells out.

In Topic: New JoD ad

28 November 2007 - 08:53 PM

I can certainly wait a long time for something this good to come along. After 11 years a few more months couldn't hurt. I've seen some ads with the date "12,19,2007", but that doesn't mean anything. Considering all the Mario and Sonic ads said Nov.20 and it came out on the 6th. I really like how the newer ones I seen all said Holidays. Which could be after the new year. Anyway, I really like seeing all the ads for the upcoming JoD.

In Topic: New Journey of Dreams review

28 November 2007 - 08:46 PM

I'm really hoping for a delay. I want this game to get that extra time for Sega to polish it up a bit. A sequel of this magnitude deserves to be the very best possible. So Sega should check to make sure things are all squared off with the fans of the original who have been asking for this over a decade now. I really can't wait but if Sega wants to take the extra few months to make it shine a bit, I'm not going to complain one bit.

In Topic: NiGHTS into Dreams PS2 Site up !

25 November 2007 - 04:08 PM

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for a possible Wii version of this game. I think with how easily it seems PS2 games can be ported to the Wii. Sega should definitely look into porting it some how. It would be nice to see it released as Wii-Ware. Sega has yet to announce any content for this new feature launching next year. I don't see the point in buying a PS2 just for a single game I'd like to play. If that is the only means I'll stick to playing the Saturn version. Unless otherwise tempted by something more.