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Phantasy Star Zero

15 November 2009 - 03:35 AM

Yeah... I'm wondering why people here haven't gone utterly bonkers over this, as indicated by the lack of threads when I used the Search function, especially considering the no-fee, region-free online gameplay (I'm confused as to how that's going to work).

But anywhoos, yes, complimentary link to the site. Spazzflail with glee or moan with disappointment as you wish, although I wonder why you would since it says right on the website that it's the spiritual successor to Phantasy Star Online (aside from that it's on the DS, though I personally have no objection to that).

EDIT: Let's just pretend I wasn't an utter moron last night and sleepily assumed that, because there was no topic on the subject, people didn't know, and then remembered it being mentioned in another thread while I was trying to sleep. XDDD *headdesk*

Also, I no has DS, so my lack of objection was not due to owning the system already. XD