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In Topic: Chlorine Art

18 January 2008 - 06:29 PM

Wow Chlorine you have an amazing style *__*

In Topic: Ok.... Huge Fanfiction Project.

16 January 2008 - 06:46 PM

This fanfiction project is a really awesome idea! May I suggest something though? I tried doing something similar many moons ago with another fandom and it....how shall I say.....went down the pooper really REALLY quickly.
Since several players claim to have OWNED or is in PURELOVE with -specific- character and going through it all was a major royal pain in the bum.

So what I did was create a regulated RPG with rules. That way you get a feel for the character, you can't force anyone to like anyone else. it happens naturally and you'll know how all fanmarens will interact with each other. Even for a short while to get an idea and then work on the fanfiction project.

I found this helpful in my endeavour and it is meerly a suggestion :o;;

I would definetly love to be involved in the project.


In Topic: Kato Artwork

16 January 2008 - 06:40 PM

Kato your art is so amazing and creative *__*

In Topic: Official Fanmaren Help Thread *MERGED*

16 January 2008 - 06:37 PM

make me a fan maren please

It helps to be more specific...

Would you like a Humaren or a Nightmaren?
Colour Scheme?
Character Theme? (Sheep, Ocean, Stars, Mud..)

Give us something to work with please in order to create a fanmaren.

In Topic: What do you guys think about NiGHTS and the rest's voices in Journey of D...

11 January 2008 - 07:37 PM

*-I absolutely adored Wizemans voice but if I didn't have the subtitles on, I would have had a difficult time understanding him.

*- I liked Reala's voice when he spoke, especially since he seemed to sneer everytime he spoke to NiGHTS. Although I couldn't stand his laugh....it wasn't scary. I always pictured him with a menacing/frightening laugh. He just made me giggle along with him ;p

*- Helen's voice was nice but felt forced.

*- Will's voice was suited but again felt amateurish. (sp?)

*- Augh NiGHTS voice...I didn't hate it. I felt like at some points whoever did the voice acting managed to get a Real adrogynous sound that really suited him but otherwise he sounded wayyyyy to female. I mean isn't it bad enough they gave him Maybelline eyelashes but they had to add such a girly voice too? Why didn't they make him sound more...like a young boy perhaps? I dunno who has seen Constantine but, the woman who plays Gabriel managed to look and sound rather adrogynous as she should for that role; I had to stare to figure out the gender of the actor. In conclusion it could have been much worse and it could have been better.


I also agree with Viperxmns. In the cutscenes the dreamers looked rather frightening to me ^_^;; They had no emotion...now that I think about it...it was like they almost didn't have eyelids. Their eyes stayed open like 0___0. I would have much preferred if they made FMV's for the cuscenes but alas we don't know exactly how much money was given as a budget for this game.