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Xay's Comeback

10 March 2008 - 11:07 PM

Yes, it's been absolutely AGES Now since i've been here, heh, but eh, in that time i've been doing a LOT Of composing. Im currently working on my part of the Otherside: Gate to Imagination Soundtrack (Alongside Spinningcannon), The Kobi- Enter the Dark soundtrack (goin' it alone this time...) and the Sonic Riders 3 Soundtrack (Once more, alongside spinnincannon... It's great fun working with her!) All 3 projects are projects of my own, But alongside them im also doing music for my Music Course at school, so those tracks might pop up every now and then.
So yes, here's a Link to my Youtube Videos- Currently nothing BUT Music for various projects of mine. It'd be nice if you could leave a little comment, tell me with song you liked the most and whatnot =P

If this works in my favour and i gather enough interest, i will definetly consider doing NiGHTS ReMixes in the future, you can bet on that! Also, soon the quality problem will be over- if things work in my favour, that is.

Bah, enough blabbering, just enjoy!


Xay's Fantastic (coughnotcough) Music

30 January 2008 - 04:06 AM

This time, im going to share a couple of song's with you. 3 Are from a game im working on- One is a ReMix of the Theme from the NES Back To The Future game.

Back to the Groove- Back to the Future ReMix: http://www.zshare.net/audio/70033782724448/

I really only focused on ReMixing the first par tof the melody, becuase i had trouble with the Middle Bit's of it. And i had to improvise the drums completely, because the original Lacked any form of them. But this came out all good in the end, and im Proud of it!

Nature Dies: http://www.zshare.net/audio/70033983e9f8e7/
This is the first of the 2 game Tracks. This one im planning on using for a level witch is just one huge, Dying forest (Hence the name). It was mostly experimenting with Ambiet Sound-Effects and a DnB Beat, if anything, as most of the Riff's are Edited Libery Riff's.

Gemstone Orchestra: http://www.zshare.net/audio/7003428dfffae8/
The Second of the 2 game Tracks. This one im going to use in a Level that is one huge, Undergroud, Giant castle made of nothing but Pure Diamond and various other Jewels. Uses a very simple Melody- Basic Organs. Still, it's a Melody that can get stuck in your head!

Heartless Hatred: http://www.zshare.net/audio/7003645da86f31/
The Third, and Final, Game Track. (for now)
Heartless Hatred is the battle theme used by the main Antagonist of the game (The King of Hatred, hence the name) So i tried my best to make it as, ehem, "Final Boss-ish" as i could. (He isn't the VERY last boss, but regardless he's the last one that's Obvious...) This song shares a lot in common, and is inspired by the final-fight song from Sonic Rush, "Wrapped In Black". It even has a Rappidly Incressing Tempo section midway through.

Listen and Enjoy!

Deidcated to someone Special

23 January 2008 - 11:02 PM


This has yet to appear anyone else, and i Emplore you; In fact, i BEG you, to at least give it a listen. Please... I don't even care if you don't comment on it, just at least sit down and listen to the whole thing, if you can spare the time. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorow, but at some point, if you can... It's incredibly importent to me that this song get's heard, because it's one i poured all of my hard work into, and may hold the Future of my Music GSCE Coursework Grade on it...

I dedicate this song to, like i said, a very important friend of mine... Someone whom i met Via the NiGHTS Fandom, that share's a lot in common with me, but could not live further away from me... Unless you count Australlia, but we'll ignore that for now. This person has acctualy manadged to Sucsessfully get me to open up a little bit more... And i hold her in the highest Regard.


This one is for you...

Posted Image

Should i even Bother to do a new NiGHTS Tribute Album?

06 January 2008 - 11:09 PM

Considering Zero Percent of you even Cared about the last one, San's a few... Should i bother? I want to, belive me i do, but it's more then Discouraging when people seem to take no notice. I really need the confidence Boost, considering that there's a Huge ammount of talented Musician's already submitting to NiD.com that im TRYING to go up against (And Failing rather Patheticly, mind you.)

I'll let you decide.