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Ninja Liz-chan

Ninja Liz-chan

Member Since 25 Apr 2007
Offline Last Active Jan 09 2008 01:13 AM

Ninja Liz-chan's NiGHTS stuff

03 August 2007 - 02:50 PM

Allright, I'm lazy and didn't get this stuff up for such a long time....so heres some of my NiGHTS art. Woot.
Posted Image
This one is older, Though the only thing I"m not to happy with is that I basically just did a pose that was in the game. Didn't put to much effort into a pose here. But I had fun wiht the backgroung :blink:

Posted Image
This...was a result of my two obsessions at the time. Danny Phantom and NiGHTS, They both fly so I thought they would work together...I also mad a short comic about it...I may upload that too.

Posted Image
Something random...Baby NiGHTS with Baby Sonic...with a Shadow Doll.

Posted Image
I like this...I was having fun In Photoshop one day. Hehe.

Meh, I guess I'll give links to my NiGHTS comic....I'm just to lazy to upload them to my server so you get the Deviant art links....
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10

NiGHTS Comic about meeting Danny Phantom...because I thought it'd be cool XD

So yeah...Thanks for your time :)

Very Old Dreams

08 June 2007 - 02:53 PM

What's the first dream you remeber having? Does anybody remeber having one at a young age that has stuck with you for a long time?

I remeber at lest two, one when I was 4 years old, and one where I was 7 years old. The one where I was 4 was basically a Nightmare and very short, I was at the top of the stairs at my old house and I would fall and fall into a dark abyss. Yup...classic falling nightmare and it's not that intersting. HOWEVER the one when I was 7 I still remeber it quite vividly even though I was so young. It was just after I watched "Jurassic Park" for the first time, I was currently obsessed with Dino's at that age. I was in a jungle, I began wandering around until I hit a tall concreet wall. I looked up and saw the way the fence was, made me realize I was in the Rapter Cage from the movie! I began to panic, then a rapter came out of the bushes and scared me. But it just stood there, it didn't attack me. It tilted it's head and came up to me, but it let me pet it! It was a friendly dino! Then other rapter came out of the bushes, the first one came infront of me and growled at the others, knowing they would try to hurt me. I remeber they started to talk in 'raptor Language' but I could understand them. The one that was protecting me was apperently a 'prince' raptor, and one of the new ones was the 'queen' raptor, he was saying that he didnt' want to hurt me, and he wouldn't let them hurt me eaither. he put me on his back and we ran off.

It's the strangest thing that I remeber that dream, I don't remeber any of my other dreams up intill proably Jr. High. So how about it? How far back can you all remeber?

Worst Nightmare

26 April 2007 - 04:40 PM

I noticed there was a favorite dream thread, but how about a worst dream thread? I've always had nightmares, ever sence I was a baby. NIght frights, terrors, the like. I always have those classic nightmares, falling down stairs that never end. Falling in a Pit of snakes, having spiders lay eggs in your hand and then exploading (okay, maybe that's not a classic nightmare but whatever). However my worst Nightmare I think was the one that left me totally shocked when I woke up. I had to shake myself and make sure the dream never happend. My mother died in the dream, me and my little brother had to move away to chicago to live with my dad. It was so scary, me and my brother kept running into dangerous situations along the way. We almost got run over, then my mom came back as an angel. I guess I really was scared my mom might leave me. When I woke up I was shakeing. Yeah, kinda creepy.

What was your worst nightmare?
Why was it so scary?

Hello all, guess I should introduce myself.

25 April 2007 - 04:10 PM

Because everybody else is doing it!

My name is Ninja Liz-chan, I go by Leanne sometimes to.
I'm fairly new to the whole NiGHTS sceane, only recently began to become interested in NiGHTS becaue I spotted NiGHTS in my Sonic games. I would go "Who's that Purple guy?" so I looked it up. I only vaguely remeber NiGHTS when it first came out, I was 8 at the time...or 7. I don't remeber. Anyways, I was little. I remeber the commertial , and going "THE PURPLE LADY!" and wanting to play it. But my mom told me I was to little for video games xD; Then I went though the Pokemon phase...Everything had to be about Pokemon or it wasn't worth looking at. I still play Pokemon *is bricked* but it's not the be all end all anymore XD; By the time I was interested in NiGHTS, It was next to impossible to find it or a Sega Saturn anymore except for the wonders of e-bay. So I baught it from there, being all excited about it. About four people staired at me and said I was insane to buy a system for one game. I didn't care, I knew I would like it, I generally go with my instincs and I'm usually right. And I was. I showed up at the post office (where I work! yay!) so for a whole night when there was no custamers around I would huggle the box and write "My Sega Saturn of Doom" all over it. This was the first game that actually made me tinggle. I Freakin loved the game from the word GO! I think I scared my boyfriend though, he didn't quite understand it ^_^

Anyways, that's how I got into NiGHTS, guess I should acutally tell a little about myself. I'm 18, working for this year, heading off to Univeristy in the Fall. I'm usually quite hyper around my friends, but calm and polite around everybody else, I'm pretty sure most of the custamers at work think I'm in my 20's >>; But I'm not, I'm still a youngling. I tend to obesses over things easily. Everything from Anime, to Science fiction, to videogames. I'm the complete defention of a geek, and I love it. Though, not like a had much of a choice, my dad's a complete computer nerd and my mom is a science fiction feind! (and various other shows...she keeps getting me obsessed with stuff!) I love to draw, I hope to make art and computers part of my career in the future, hopefully even videogames. I love to draw comics, and have my own webcomic (it's Not NiGHTS though, sorry :) )

Anyways, I hope that was enough of an intro, Thanks for listing to me.