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Deep Loner

Deep Loner

Member Since 24 Aug 2007
Offline Last Active Oct 05 2007 08:58 PM

Sorry, forgot to introduce myself...

23 September 2007 - 02:13 AM

...after thirty-two posts. I'm so sorry! :lol:

Anyway, my online name is Deep Loner and my real name is Jonathan. I'm twenty-four years old and will soon begin studying for an Associate of Specialized Business Degree in Computer Science and Programming.

I like to be silly sometimes, but everybody tells me that I have a dry sense of humor, that I'm too serious, and that I need to lighten up. Besides the aforementioned silliness, I try to post only when I think I have something important to offer, which means that I will probably post less frequently than others. Sometimes I'll make a long, rambling post that nobody pays attention to anyway. <_< My thinking is very logical and pragmatic. My precision with spelling, grammar, and accuracy at times tends toward pedantry, which means that I might make dozens of minor edits to even the simplest posts.

I remember when NiGHTS into Dreams came out, but did not actually play the game until 2002. My fascination with NiGHTS was centered around its fictional universe per se rather than the actual game; as a result, I finished the game very quickly and did not spend much time looking for replay value. At the time I was not the kind of person who would spend time perfecting aerial maneuvers or running up high scores. I like to think that my gaming tastes have matured since then.

My nickname "Deep Loner" is anachronistic; I was certainly a deep loner during childhood and adolescence, but am so no longer.