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In Topic: Rumor: NiGHTS 3

05 April 2008 - 08:33 PM

Digi, I think you may have hit on something there you know. It is weird how that flash game suddenly appeared at this late stage, and how its emulates pretty closely stylus control on the DS. Infact, didn't Sega treat Sonic Rush Adventure to a similar flash game recently where you hovered your cursor over a representation of a DS stylus and controlled sonic in one of the games' boating sections? In many ways it could be a lot of fun on the DS, especially any 3D segments. I'm thinking mainly of the original Sonic Rush now with the 3d Special stages; the controls felt really tight and they were a lot of fun. I suppose we'll find out soon enough anyway.

In Topic: Rumor: NiGHTS 3

29 March 2008 - 10:28 PM

This is happening too fast. If this is true they should wait a few years and then release the game. Games that usually come out too quickly aren't always successful. I would hope they delay the title to all hell in order to make sure it's perfect before they release it though.

They won't.

In Topic: New Journey of Dreams review

15 December 2007 - 12:47 AM

Most of this looks OK now, apart from the unrendered cut scenes with amateurish voice acting. Honestly they're just hideous too look at and a real let down.

In Topic: SEGAnerds Preview

05 December 2007 - 04:13 PM

God damn it Famitsu. Those aren't even cons. The controls are "a little TOO unique" you say? What does that even mean? Oh, you have to restart the stage if you die? Just like in the first game? Just like in all games?

Seriously, what is this bullcrap? Those aren't even major cons. So, what, you can't skip cut-scenes, even though they are probably thirty seconds long. That's still not a game breaking con. I can understand the "distracting" human missions and all, but that's still no excuse to mark the game down and cause a giant meltdown at NeoGAF.

I really shouldn't expect any better from NeoGAF either. They will cause an entire meltdown over the simplest things. First thing they idolize the developer of their choice, then one thing goes wrong, and OH SNAP, now they throw whatever random expletive they can at said developer. I bet they didn't even read the pros and so-called "cons" and, instead, just looked at the pretty little numbers and threw a little fit like a little toddler. "GRR SEGA CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT!" my ass.

SEGA worked hard bringing this sequel to life and polishing it with the extra time they had. They worked hard to make sure the game retains the feel and atmosphere the original did with the controls working just as well (with added control options no less). They even hired the same music artist from the first game to compose the music for this game. Most importantly, the game looks fun. And you can't even bother to read the pros and cons from some shitty Japanese review outlet. Not that I should expect any better; you're too busy jacking off to Super Mario Galaxy to care about anything else right now.

You can't do anything right NeoGAF. You can't. You too Famitsu.

That's a pretty fanboyish post you just made there. You haven't played the game, they have. Those scores don't seem too bad to me anyway.

In Topic: What went down at Sega on Monday.

14 November 2007 - 05:15 PM

He seemed puzzled we were all so giddy with that news. DiGi was like 'You see, the fans have been worried that-" he had to cut himself off because he was about to say they were worried it would look like crap if it was realsed right now *snortlaugh*

What held DiGi back? ^_^