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Non-violent Jackle Glitch

27 July 2008 - 12:47 AM

Just something weird to share with y'all.

So I'm playing NiD on a new file, clear Elliot's missions and start beating Claris' missions. I get to soft museum, beat it and fight Jackle. Midway through I notice something odd. Jackle is flying backwards, the way he does when you chase him...but I wasn't chasing him. I completely stop and watch him go around...and around. Pause. Get nearest video camera. Film it until I accidentally knock him back into combat mode. Youtube time.


Just another drop in the bucket of his insanity I guess. XD
Has this happened to anyone else?

(I wonder if his main method of travel is flying backwards... he only flies forward to get his cape lol.)

Shared Dreams

08 June 2008 - 05:08 PM

Celia stood in thought, gazing out over the dreamscape expanding in front of her while absent
mindedly tossing and catching the white orb of energy that was her 'Ideya' in her right hand. She was trying
to adjust to everything the little Nightopians had just explained, about Nightopia, and Nightmare. The
thought of going to a different world every time you fall asleep was kind of...odd. Especially since she'd
been sleeping for her whole life and was only now being told this. For a second, she considered the fact
that it was all a dream anyway. Her mind could be making all this nonsense about dream worlds up as it
went. Ah well. If nothing else it was interesting and she decided that she might as well play it out. She
shrugged and released the Ideya letting it orbit around, when she felt someones hand on her shoulder.
"Hey." Andrew said cheerily. "You done being emo yet?"
Celia smiled a bit and swatted her brothers hand off her shoulder. "Not emoing. I was just thinking, you
dork. Anyways, you find out anything else from the...Night-o-pians?"

Andrew nodded "Yeah. It seems might have a chance at getting your Ideya back, if we ask someone for help.
There are a few beings in nightopia that might be willing to assist, like a strong dream guide or a rebel or

Celia blinked slowly and stared at him. "...What?" She asked.
"Oh, you know. Nightmaren who grew a conscience and rebelled, or dream characters that help dreamers out..."
Andrew started chattering on but then stopped as he saw Celia growing more lost by the second. He raised an
eyebrow and asked. "Were you even listening to half of things the Nightopians were talking about two minutes

Celia spun away from him and shrugged. "Nope."
"Dude! We were like three feet away."
"Ehn." She waved hand dismissively, wishing to drop the subject.
Andrew raised a hand to his face and shook his head. "Wow, I mean really Cee, you have a gift."
"Yeah yeah." Celia crossed her arms and looked back over her shoulder at Andrew. "So where should we go? It
doesn't look like anything, or anyone else is here."

Andrew looked around the area, and had the same conclusion. There was literally almost nothing there, just
sand, some weird looking grey flowers, and rock formations that eerily resembled trees scattered around the
landscape. "Well...um." He started, unsure of what to do.
Celia cracked her knuckles idily and started walking off in a random direction across the barren sand field,
behind her Andrew speed walked to catch up. "Where are you going?" He asked. "Heck if I know." She muttered,
sounding bored. "But it's somewhere."

Roughly six minutes later, and the two had found 'somewhere'

It was some kind of ruin, with huge stone architecture carved with strange symbols strewn about. Statues that
resembled vaugely human forms were arranged around a strangely small egypt styled pyramid, that had two
separate entrances on either side of the main wall. Random posts were scattered around and some not so
random ones acted as a kind of platform staircase that wound around the pyramid and rose up out of sight
into the sky. Everything was ancient, and the desert sand had worn down everything over time giving it a
forbidden look.

The two dreamers stood before the strange structure, overlooking it before they could say anything.
"Wow." Andrew sighed, a feeling of wonder in his voice. "Yeah." Celia agreed.
Andrew looked over to the huge double of entrance, then to the pillar staircase. The back to the entrance again. "...Should we?" He started, and immediately Celia saw what he was thinking.
"Can we?"
"Why n-"
"NO, Andy. Does this place somehow NOT scream 'ancient deathtrap' to you?"
"Well, someone nice could be in there."
Celia just gave a him cold stare. "You cannot be serious."
"Aw, come on Cee! Where's your sense of adventure? It's all just a dream anyway..." Andrew gave her a light punch in the arm. "What, don't tell me you're scared of some old temple that doesn't exisist. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?"
Celia punched him back, a little harder than needed. "Look, I ain't scared okay?" She said as he hopped around, holding his arm and muttering 'owowow.' "This place just...feels wrong, you know?" She muttered uneasily.

Shared Dreams

06 June 2008 - 04:54 AM

Its really late here so I'm going to post this now and update tommorow, or whenever I next get the chance.

Haunted by a reoccurring nightmare... Celia Weinhart, (18) is a teen who has been suffering from the same nightmare for two weeks in a row, each night falling into the same horror show as the night before. At first she assumed it to be nothing but after so many days she's starting to wonder if something is wrong with her, and if the bad dreams will ever end. Not wanting to worry anyone, she has kept it all a secret except from one person...her little brother.
Andrew Weinhart (14) has always idolized and loved his sister Celia. When she confides to him the strange dreams haunting her every night, he begins to worry and wishes that he could somehow help her. One night his wish comes true in a way he never expected, but it also puts them both in the sights of an angry nightmaren, and sets them on a quest to save his sisters Ideya.
Here's a quick summary of how the story starts (since I don't feel like typing a whole descriptive mini story out at the moment and you probably don't feel like reading one.)

As mentioned above, Celia had told her brother of the reoccurring nightmares that had been troubling her for weeks. As each day passed, Andrew grew more and more concerned for his sister, if only because her felt there was nothing he could do to comfort her. Then, one night he finds himself in a strange dream... and he soon realizes that somehow he has entered his the same nightmare his sister has been describing to him! Not only that but he also finds her there, suffering in some strange mental torture that doesn't really make sense... (as most dreams don't.) Realizing that he is dreaming, Andrew attempts to pull his sister away from her nightmare and he succeeds. Partly. Although they escape the setting it reveals its true form as a horrid monster and chases after them through a seemingly endless blackness, quickly out running them. It snatches Andrew and pins him to the ground, then raises its claws up to deliver an attack- when Celia leaps into action and strikes the beast in its 'eyes' as best she can. Although she doesn't do much damage she does manage to stun the monster long enough to pull Andrew back into a run with her, and as they haul through the darkness they unexpectedly see a glowing portal of light appear not far away. They are instinctively drawn to the light and run for it, while behind them the angry screams of the monster echo about- it is unable to directly follow them through the light. The siblings grab hold of each others hand as they are whisked away to somewhere unknown...

And end up in a strange desert like landscape. There they meet a large group of local Nightopians, a few of which speak the human language and bit by bit manage to explain to the two dreamers the basic concept of Nightopia, Nightopians, Nightmare, Nightmarens, Dreamers and Ideya. Obviously, it's a lot to take in. While chatting with the Nightopians Andrew gets curious and tries to 'summon' his Ideya so he can see them. He soon has his four (Green, blue, white, and yellow.) floating around him, and thinks that it's pretty awesome. Celia follows his actions and manages to summon...one Ideya. (White.) After discussing it with the Nightopians, they come to the conclusion that the Nightmaren beast that has been plaguing Celia for all of those days must have stolen the rest of her Ideya. Bummer. As they are, after all, a part of her heart, Celia wants to get her Ideya back somehow. But going solo against a maren isn't the smartest thing to do, and no one has any bright ideas.

So the two spend a while enjoying the dreamscape, while trying to figure out any potential plans to get Celias Ideya back.

Unknown to them, they are running out of time. Although it was unable to directly follow them through the portal to nightopia, the Maren that they evaded is steadily tracking them and will eventually reach the dreamscape that they are in, and it's all too willing to dish out some revenge and take the siblings remaining Ideya...
Not to mention all of the other crazy things that could happen in nightopia.

Okay, maybe that wasn't as short as I had hoped. Ah well.

Anyways as soon as I have thier Bios complete I'll post them. Anyone is free to join and contribute characters and ideas! I have a few ideas of where I want the story to go, but I want to get some more before really starting and more people joining will add more oppertunities yeah? So good characters, evil characters, what have you.

EDiT: Finished my bios of the dreamers and Teoin

Sorry for how short some sections are, but things like pasts I am terrible at coming up with. Template more or less taken from a the 'Let it be' Rp. I think...

Name: Celia Weinhart

Nicknames: Cee

Age: 18

Birthday: Oct 17

Looks: (picture) she’s about 5’6 tall, medium build, and slightly toned. She has light skin and dark
brown eyes, lighter brown hair that’s wavy and just above shoulder-length. In her dreaming form she
wears a maroon shirt and a pair of light blue/gray pants, and a pair of blue-black-and white
tennishoes. Sometimes she’ll be wearing a long tan-brown trench coat.
Special possessions: Her coat. Besides being fashionable, she can occasionally pull seemingly random
objects from the depths of its pockets.

Weapons: Nothing that’s always on hand.

Personality: Celia is a pretty quiet and reserved person, and she prefers blending quietly into a
setting over drawing attention to herself. Emotionally she can seem rude and apathetic to anyone who
doesn’t know her, but to the select few that she can learn to trust Celia can be an almost
embarrassingly protective and caring friend. She’s usually calm and thoughtful but Celia has a short
fuse and can snap when things get a little too hectic, becoming very irritable, sarcastic, and angry
until she calms back down. When it comes to meeting new people she is cautious and often judges people
a bit too soon, so it takes a while for her to warm up to anyone.

Other: Even though she was forced to learn how to swim at a young age, she has deep but unfounded
(bordering on phobia) fear of deep water and drowning. She has an interest in reading and spends a lot
of time absorbed in fiction novels.

Loves/likes: Reading, jogging

Fears/hates: Most bugs, undead things (mainly zombies), and deep water (drowning)

Special abilities: Not much, unless she somehow becomes fully lucid. Which is very unlikely.

My past: Celia has lived in a small town for most of her life and although she has had plenty of
chances to make friends, her antisocial nature has driven off most takers and as such has only grown
really close to one person- her little brother, Andrew. Overall she has led a fairly sheltered, if
boring life.

Family: A Mother, Father, little brother

Strong enemies: N/A

Light enemies: N/A

Small friendships: N/A

Close friendships: Andrew

Theme: Real – Wolfsheim

Now that I am back out there
Once more scared
Misgivings haven't gone
Inside this human race
No touch of grace
And still no place to go

I know it's up to me
To decide if this is real
But I'm walking and fro
Always thinking about the ways I chose

Welcome back yesterday ... not far away ... I'll keep an eye on you
Tell me how could I forget all the angers I once had
Should I start again ... to find the same ... that I once left behind
When tell me why should I forget all these dreams that I still have

Another time ... another turn, I thought
But now I know that's wrong
This life will still remain the same
If I don't change a thing myself
Suddenly so many doors are opening ... for me to try

I know it's up to me ...

Name: Andrew Weinhart

Nicknames: Andy

Age: 14

Birthday: July 10th

Looks: (picture) He’s about 4’5 tall, average weight, and kind of wiry but not particularly muscular.
He has light skin and light brown eyes, brown hair that’s swept up and slightly gelled. In his dreaming
form he wears a green shirt, a forest green hoodie and a pair of baggy dark blue jeans, and a pair of
gray-and yellow sneakers.

Special possessions: Not much.

Weapons: Nothing that’s always on hand.

Personality: Andrew is an outgoing person, he is also somewhat naive and can be too trusting. This can
be troublesome because he's not used to being crossed, and once he's built his trust in someone

betrayal can really confuse him. He also is pretty smart for his age and prefers to use brains over

brawn to get out of bad situations. A bit of an opptimist, he believes that no matter how grim things

get there is always some way to make them right again.

Other: Andrew loves technological gadgets of all sorts, and he’s a complete computer and game geek. He
often collects little knickknacks that have little to no real use or value, just because. In his early
childhood Andrew was once playing a little too roughly with a large dog and he got badly bitten by
accident, since then he has been wary of large animals. Especially ones with teeth.

Loves/likes: Computers, technology, and music

Fears/hates: Needles, big animals

Special abilities: When dreaming, sometimes Andrew will have abnormal speed or strength without knowing

My past: Andrew has lived in a small town for as long as he can remember, and he is nearing the end of

middle school. Pretty much the same as Celia, nothing really big has happened in their lives.

Family: A mother, Father, big sister

Strong enemies: N/A

Light enemies: N/A

Small friendships: some kids at school

Close friendships: Celia, more kids at his school

Theme: Simply being loved (Somnambulist) – Bt
[The lyrics don't exactly fit but the mood of the song fits his attitude pretty well.]


so little time some little time... so frustrated
some little joy so little joy ...it's complicated
so little time some little time...time to work it all out
yeah yeah
so little joy some little joy...it's complicated
I feel I'm stumbling in the dark ...sonambulated
I feel my heart's again the sparks.... I'm praying for love
(love love )
praying for love

some little joy some little joy.... it's complicated
some little time some little time ....my heart's been faded
some little hope some little hope...and I pray again for love
(love love )
so hopin' enough

(chorus) x2
simply being loved loved loved (x3)
it's more than enough ...(yeah yeah )

simply being loved ....(yeah yeah )
it's more than enough....(yeah yeah )
simply being loved....(yeah)

some little joy some little joy...it's complicated
some little time some little time....be acclimated
some little hope some little hope...and I'm prayin' out with love (yeah)
some little time to make some change...been isolating
a thousand years of timeless days .....sonambulating
I'm stumbling wounded in the dark...but praying still for love
love love .....praying for ....love love love ...simply being loved..love love

simply being loved loved loved (x3)
is more than enough...(yeah yeah )
simply being loved (yeah)

some little joy some little joy....it's complicated
some little time some little time ....so frustrated
some little hope some little hope...and I'm praying still for love...love.(yeah)
praying for love
the little hope some little time ...it's so frustrating
I feel I'm stumbling in the dark.....sonambulated
I feel my heart's again the sparks....but praying still for love (yeah)
(yeah yeah ) I'm in love (yeah yeah ) to simply be...(yeah yeah ) I'm in love
yeah yeah !

(chorus) x2
simply being loved loved loved (x3)
it's more than enough (yeah yeah )

simply being loved (yeah yeah ) x3
simply being loved (yeah)

simply being loved.......Is more than enough (x4)

Name: Teoin

Race: Nightmaren

Age: Unknown, but fairly old

Looks: (Picture) A four legged, strangely configured beast. Half of it is made of a kind of rubbery

green substance covered in something like bubbles or blisters, and the other half seems to be made of

red vein like ropes.

Weapons: It's claws...and some other things I'll keep secret for now :(

Personality: Teoin seems to be like most other Nightmaren, evil. Although its nightmares seem to border

on the surreal and abstract side of things, and it prefers to use a self created environment to torture

dreamers rather than just jumping out as a monster and saying 'Boo! I'm gonna kill you!' Directly.

Although Teoin looks like one of the beast types that don't talk, it's capable of speech and is

actually quite intelligent. Overall it's a pretty tough maren to handle, it isn't fooled easily and its

strange body makes it kind of difficult- but not impossible- to defeat.

Edit: So I was bored, and decided to draw what I imagined the desert lizard Nyclone and My characters meet to be like. Lawl random maren.
I call it Skrissk

Got sprites?

29 May 2008 - 02:31 AM

So I'm playing NiD, Frozen Bell. It's been awhile and I'm just screwing around, trying to make more mepians {SNIPians mainly}. Since there are only two Snips in the whole place there is a lot of trial/error. Then I get this idea, that it would be nice to have sprites of NiD enemies or Pian's for various usage on the internets and such. So I get my NiD disc, and put it in the computer thinking that I could somehow locate the sprites and copy them off the disc.

Computer savvy people are laughing at me at this point.

Because NiD has a lot of strange file types that make my compy go 'WTF do you want me to do with this?'
Thus I cannot get anything off it, as I am not that computer savvy.

So, does anyone out there know how to get the files I'm looking for or possibly some online resource that has them already? (Though I've heard that NiD was built around the saturns hardware, so it may be near impossible...)

'Dream' dreams

30 September 2007 - 09:02 PM

Hey all. So I had this random thought today while listening to 'dreams dreams'. If you could for one night completely choose who you met, what you did, the plot, setting, who you were and pretty much everything about your dream, than what would you choose?

In summary, what is your 'dream' dream?

For example, mine would probably involve meeting my fan characters and quite a few people from fiction. I'd be...me I think, but with powers and a weapon or something. The setting would probably shift around a lot depending on how the plot went if there was any, starting off somewhere I've really been and eventually ending up in my dreamscape would be sweet. Nightopia too, I would love to see stick canyon because of the roller coaster. I would want either a cool, relaxing fun dream [ Like meeting NiGHTS and flying around and chatting with him.] or an action packed one [Like fighting or racing]. Maybe both if I could get it to last long enough. A really lengthy dream would rule, along with lucidity as long as I didn't freak out and wake myself up. I'd definitely want to go flying { I rarely get to do this in my dreams.} And... running actually. Going super freaking fast across a variety of landscapes would be awesome. Yes, like sonic. Heck, racing someone with my dream abilitys sounds fun now too. On hoverboards.

One thing I would NOT like to do in my dream is to find an insane amount of money or really cool clothes or a saturn or anything else that I want and would be crushed to find out I didn't really own in real life. I hate finding twenty bucks and then waking up without it. Also, being anywhere in the vast expanse of SPACE scares the hell out of me so that's a no-no.

So, what are your thoughts? Anything you think would be in your near perfect dream? Anything that you would never have in an 'Ideal' dream?

Just had an idea. Battle of the bands, or a dance off...