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We need your help! Gorillaz art contest!

19 November 2010 - 07:14 AM

Hi everyone! I... haven't been here in forever, and I feel I should apologize for bursting in like this. ^^; (If this topic is in the wrong forum, I'm sorry - and if it's a bit too much like advertising, I'm even more sorry, and have no problem with the complete removal of this topic..!)

Anyway, my sisters and I have entered this contest here - http://www.gorillaz.com/evangelist - to design a new Gorillaz character, The Evangelist, who will likely appear in future music videos and become a part of the storyline. We need votes from the public to qualify for the semi-finals, so I am humbly requesting some from you! There's no need to register or send any information - all they need is for you to click "Vote For This Drawing!", and you're done! :3

Heck, if you'd like to, feel free to enter as well! (Although you do have to register at gorillaz.com to do so.) They're currently taking entries for week 3, and you must use a semi-functional oekaki-esque drawing app on their site, but it's all in good fun! :D

SO. Links are as follows...

Enter the Gorillaz contest! - http://www.gorillaz.com/evangelist

Vote for any/all entries from Week 2! - http://gorillaz.com/evangelist/week-2

My design - http://gorillaz.com/...t/detail?d=2573 - The Prisoner

Invistar's design - http://gorillaz.com/...t/detail?d=2065 - The Grannevangelist

MissBatty's design - http://gorillaz.com/...t/detail?d=1401 - The Bohemian Hare

Thank you very much for your time, and if you decide to enter, great! :D And again, if I'm imposing far too much, please accept my apologies and I'll not bother you again, I promise! ^^;;

New Gorillaz album - Plastic Beach

24 January 2010 - 09:50 PM

Personally, I'm quite excited! (..... okay okay, HAPPYFREAKINGSPAZMCFREAKFREAK EXCITED.) I've been hoping to hear more from Damon, Jamie, & Co. for a long time now. :D

There's a single as well - Stylo! Electronic music's a favorite of mine so this is WICKED AWESOME COOL to me, hehe! Some people aren't terribly fond of it, others are even more stoked than I am - what do you think? Is Phase 3 gonna be the big and glorious finale, or is it gonna crash and burn like the island from El Manana?

And speaking of, it looks like Noodle's doing fine... but after listening to Murdoc's Pirate Broadcast on their website, I can't help still wondering. XD

Thoughts, ideyas, theories and opinions are welcome! :3

When ignorance hurts

11 January 2010 - 10:05 PM

Hey guys, I'm really very sorry to bring this kind of topic to the board - if it gets out of hand, or if it shouldn't be brought up for the greater peace on the board, then I humbly ask the admins to take appropriate action.


My sister got to know a guy online - a very popular, well-known, well-liked artist, made famous in a particular fandom. They enjoyed talking and chatting and such, and found they had a lot in common. They thought of the possibility of meeting in person in the future, and swapped pictures.

This is where the poop hits the fan.

Quite abruptly, he outright told her that his "interest" in her dropped to neutral, and he would like to remain acquaintances only. Why? Not because of a disagreement. Not because of the distance.

Because he always saw himself with a white girl.

And he TOLD her this - he is not ashamed of being honest about it.

Now understandably, she's been hurt quite badly by this, and our family and friends are giving her nothing but support. I personally sent this guy a message, sternly explaining the reason for our offence, and he simply told me to be realistic and grow up. He did finally say sorry to her the other day, but doesn't seem to show any remorse for his opinion.

My sister's slowly doing better, but I can tell it still bothers her. He's one of the most popular fanartists in this particular fandom (and no, it's not NiGHTS), and she's lost the inspiration to draw and animate for now. She's coming to animation school with me next year, and I hope she finds her muse before then!

I mean... we've done all we can without starting an all-out flame war with this guy - and he has a nasty rep of getting into trouble, being a brat about things, and still coming out on top. I've always believed that the Powers That Be will take action for us, whether we see it ourselves or not. (Need I mention Tiger Woods? No matter how squeaky clean you seem, if you've got issues, you're gonna fall hard!) But the pain's still there - it's not going to leave me or my sister right away. I like to think that I've been doing a good job keeping level-headed about all this, but every so often, I get so angry that I can't think of anything else for five minutes.

I trust you guys - you've given some great advice and encouragement to others, and of all the online communities I've seen, this is... this is a solid foundation. :) What do you think of all this?

Again, I apologize for the grim topic, especially when we should be concentrating on NiGHTS... I guess group-reassurance is what I'm kinda craving at the moment. Um, like I said, if this shouldn't be brought up, feel free to lock it down - I know how touchy it can get.

Thank you in advance for reading, and for offering any and all advice - I honestly appreciate it. :)