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Member Since 05 Jul 2007
Offline Last Active Jul 21 2008 02:09 PM

In Topic: Nintendo Power reveals Sonic & The Black Knight

20 July 2008 - 02:08 AM

Man alive! Sonic is turning into some sort of hedgehog version of Charlie Brown: "Everything I touch gets ruined." We feel for you Sonic. You may never kick the football, but at least you can...swing a sword... Hold it. This cannot be legal. We do not know what kind of game it is yet, but I really do not know whether this is a good idea or not. Who am I kidding? This idea is terrible. I knew that Sega had a backup plan in case Sonic Unleashed failed. This, though, I was not expecting.

Or wanting, really.

In Topic: Sonic Unleashed Screens

27 June 2008 - 07:04 PM

That chart may be accurate, but it also haunts the dreams of optimists everywhere! Take it away! Take it away! I am so glad that the Wii version is being helped/co-developed by Dimps, the makers of the Sonic Advance and Rush games. They are probably telling Sonic Team everything about how to make this game better. I just hope that the junior people at Sonic Team don't get all proud and reject the advice of a (let's be honest) better developer.

But I haven't lost perspective. I always assume that games are going to disappoint me. Especially ones that look awesome.

In Topic: Spore!

17 June 2008 - 12:20 PM

The trial still has not launched, and it's 8:20 in the morning already. Man, EA, pick up the pace. I want to get on with making a Mr. Saturn creature as fast as possible. That and a large bird yeti. I always wanted to make a bird yeti.

In Topic: Fave Sonic Character

17 June 2008 - 12:17 PM

I will definitely have to say Knuckles on this one, folks. He's red, and has cool claw knuckles. He can climb...and glide with his hair. Sonic would come second, and then Shadow probably.

In Topic: Animal Crossing: Wild World

28 May 2008 - 08:35 PM

I used to play this game so much, but now I am afraid (like others) of going back, though not because of the weeds (using the "glitch" that allows for time travelling and free money means you spend hours picking them) but because I am scared that my favourite characters are gone.

That always makes me sad...