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22 November 2008 - 04:52 AM

So I dreamt that I went into the woods of my backyard last night. The further I traveled in, the more wild and dark the forest became. The trees progressively got bigger and bigger. Everything was overgrown and covered in bright green moss. It wasn't scary or unwelcoming, just odd. I climbed on fallen tree trunks and looked around. It looked a lot like one of Claris's dreams, Mystic Forest. Gorgeous green everywhere!

Anyway, as I was climbing around and exploring, I curiously noticed that some of the trunks covered in moss were just large stumps. Trees that had been cut down. I found it strange, as these were huge trees, why go through the trouble of cutting them down? Something just didn't really feel right. The atmosphere was quiet. Continuing on, I eventually came across a tree trunk with a large eye in it. I examined it and was creeped out. It just blinked and stared right back. I quickly hurried away. It didn't seem like it was part of the tree. More like it was placed there.
Sure enough, I came across another tree with a similar eye in the trunk. The irises of these eyes were pure black, and anytime I went near one, it would immediately lock on to me and not look away. The sizes varied, the smallest being the size of a grapefruit. The more I wandered, the more frequent these eyes became. They just stared after me. It was all very creepy.
Tree trunks are not supposed to have eyes! xD

So later today I thought about it, and wondered if I had possibly encountered Wizeman? ^_^
I'm not really sure what I'm getting at by sharing this post, but has anyone experienced anything similar?
Any Wizeman encounters or something? D:


09 December 2007 - 05:13 AM

Okay, on occasion I'll wake up after a good night's sleep, fully rested, ready to start the day. Things would be great if I didn't have a HORRIBLE headache! Sometimes I have the worst headaches when I wake up in the morning, usually behind my eyes and in my temples, it's the worst! (And NO, it's not a hang over, I don't drink! xD) The first thing I have to do when I get out of bed is grab some pain killers. I don't know what causes them, but I heard sleep apnea, grinding your teeth at night or just sleeping wrong on your neck may be the problem. Does anyone else experience terrible morning headaches when they wake up? Any solutions? :D