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The Impossible In NiGHTS 3

20 September 2010 - 12:59 AM

Have you ever thought about what would be so totally awesome in NiGHTS 3, but then suddenly realized that SEGA can't/won't do it for whatever reason? If you have an account on this forum, i can only assume that you do.

Please post 'em!

My boring 2 cents (In White so that you don't have to read):
All i have is way more complicated version of My Dream that SEGA would probably won't want to do because it's quite complex. First off, Pians don't breed like nuts. Second, you can name them by bringing them to owl. Nightmaren do not try to kill you nor eat Pians while in My Dream, and are not killed buy blue chips. They can be raised just like Pians. Now we get complicated- let's make Blue Chips money while inside the My Dream world, instead of food. You can buy food that upps the stats of your Nightmaren and Pians akin to the stat system in the Tiny Chao Garden. You can also buy structures instead of relying on Pians to make them and Nightmaren to break them. The stats aid them in different games akin to the minigames in SA2. Also, there is more than just Nightmare and Pians you can get, but also other things that live in Nightopias like Awakers, Octopaws (there can't JUST be one, right?) and even Omochao's Navi's OWL's friends and family (like what i said about Octopaw). The kids would also have a way to bring Pians and such into the My Dream so that Awakers are gettable.
^There's my crazy NiGHTS 3 impossible hope. What do you guys have?

EDIT: Threads are allowed to have polls outside of the Poll section has long as they are not the focus, right?

Hey all you people

13 September 2010 - 02:31 AM

Hello NiGHTS into Dreams .Com! I am firelord767, and while you may not know me, i already owe you an apalogy because this post is doomed to failure kaws ima typin on my DSi. Sorry you had to click it. I also owe the staff an apalogy because i thought activation was instant after verifacation and verified twice because it didnt. More work for you guys, sorry.

NiGHTS! I always knew he excisted because of SADX NiD pinball and SPP NiD pinball (hi-score for the latter is around 30,000,000 which doesn't even touch the default scores) but i never knew that JoD was the first game in soooooo many years, or that Pians are nothing like chao. They don't evolve, they breed like bunnies (as has been stated over 9000 times) and are butt-ugly. I hope a Pian alternative will be avialible if My Dream returns in NiGHTS 3. I do credit them, however, for bringing me to NiGHTS. I look for a chao substitute until SA3, i find NiGHTS and NiD.com. I never knew the Flamboyant Purple Jester of Justice had such a great fanbase!

I has a wii, but i don't has JoD. Oh, i'll get it though!