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The Exile

The Exile

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dreams that inspire you to creativity

01 February 2015 - 08:19 PM

(or just straight up tell you to write stuff)


my dreams like having video game ideas. a lot of them are not actually all that creative, and some of them turn out to already exist, or be very similar to something that already exists (my personal favourites are a Gemfire 2, a Phantasy Star V for the Mega CD that looks suspiciously like screenshots I've seen of an attempt to give Phantasy Star IV upgraded graphics, and a very trippy Sonic game that involved collecting apples, battling fish and going into Sonic's dreams)


but sometimes I get some more original ideas. they're heavily influenced by stuff, but aren't pre-empted sequels to games or trippy fan games. the two I remember most vividly are:


- a game meant to be released on the Saturn, called 'Scribe!'. it's a rather upbeat solo action RPG with some action platformer elements - heavily inspired by Okami in style, I think - and the character is an apprentice scribe/librarian in a society with slightly better technology level than a traditional fantasy RPG (probably magic technology on a larger scale than normal, like in Golden Sun). he is unusually un-combat-focussed for an RPG main character but probably has some magic to defend himself.


- a PC game that was never given a name, and I really should decide on one at some point. it is a traditional turn-based RPG that looks and feels a lot like 'Cthulhu Saves The World'. the main character is Surtr from Norse mythology (makes about as much sense as Cthulhu being a main character, I guess...). the other party members are Dhaos from Tales of Phantasia, my EVE online character who is a laid-back and rather amoral asteroid miner, and a recurring OC who is a bit of a self-insert, acts a little more like an RPG main character than the others except that he's a defeatist who gets proven right a lot- in personality, a little like Ashton from Star Ocean 2. from what I've seen of the game, Surtr was drained of all his power and woke up lost on an unknown world. he was trying to level up by taking quests but every time someone gave him a quest, he failed it by setting fire to whatever or whoever he was hired to preserve.


I've actually written two 'Scribe!' backstory fics. I'm working on trying to turn the second idea into a workable story.  my main  problem is that, while I can sort of shoehorn the other two into the party, I can't for the life of me work out why Dhaos would want to join this band of hooligans, or why he'd be in the (otherwise original) setting in the first place.  it'd be cool to learn how to make games. they wouldn't have to be complicated games as I prefer the style of older games anyway.