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The true story of Selph.

23 November 2012 - 04:41 PM

I see how talking about Selph is like a Taboo over here but with some pieces of info patched up from hackers, I discovered what would NiGHTS be with selph.
Selph is the evil doppelgänger of NiGHTS. How do I know? Because all the information discovered about him is related to the word "Self". You know how each Nightmaren have puns on they're names? Like puffy causes she's round, claws cause he has claws. Well Selphs name is a pun on Self. His theme song just happens to be "Know Thy(SELF)". What's even more mind blowing is that Know Thyself is a darker version of NiGHTS Theme. Now on to Selphs appearance in the games... Selph was the original final boss for Claris. It was named CLARIS-SPIRAL in the files. I don't know it's name in file but according to a friend, it's theme was a dark spiral staircase which you had to fly down. Some say this level was haunted. But I think the level was a chase fight with nights vs. selph. According to a exaggerated creepypasta, claris and Elliot would both fall down the spiral crying and losing all ideya. I think selph stole they're red ideya as he was a copy of nights. Nights then fights Selph to take back there ideya. That's how I believe the level was like. Wizeman created Selph to replace nights as he was rebellious. I guess selph got cut cause he was similar to reala. But he wasn't all the way cut. His character was remodeled to let claris be in twin seeds as Nights 2. In the list of AI's, there was no Nights 2. Only Selph which wasn't even a character. Well that's my opinion! What's yours?