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Member Since 01 Dec 2009
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Haha, hi everyone

02 December 2009 - 02:11 AM

So... I was a bit silly and such and did a very mini intro over on the OCReMix project for NiGHTS... hehe.

Anyways, hey everyone. I'm Hitori. I go by a bunch of different names elsewhere, but Hitori is my first and foremost. Identity problems much? :P

A little bit about myself, I guess. I'm in high school, I write, make music, play the trombone, do loads of other stuff that has left my mind at the present time. I'm very friendly, and I tend to make puns a lot (not that I'll end up putting a whole lot in terms of those up here, who wants to hear those? Haha).

I'm one of many ReMixers on Level99's ReMix project for OverClocked ReMix, and to be honest, that's how I found this site. I'm not really part of the generation that grew up with NiGHTS... I seem to have been born a little late for that party, and I never really backtracked too far in terms of video games and such. In fact, the first I ever heard of a character called NiGHTS? I'm pretty sure it was in Sonic Riders. :)

Right. There you have it. Hope I get to meet and know as many of you as I possibly can, and I hope to see many kind replies. :D