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Member Since 16 Oct 2009
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Nights And Reala Plushies 8D

19 October 2009 - 08:07 AM

Im not to sure if im putting this in the right category buuuut. i been making some nights and reala plushies for a while
along with jackle 8D i don't know how to post pics in here... * is a total noob* WAIT i think i figured it out haha XD * face palm*

alright enough of that , here are the pics of the ones i been making, an im currently working on a jod version of NiGHTS buuuut im not gonna post pics of that just yet ecause i want to get the stars i ordered before i upload pics o him ^^

;) ..... I totally failed Lol i don't know how too. ill just put the direct link to it ..


i have more NiGHTS plushies on that site a long with others. i jsut wish i knew how to put pics up here..

anyways. heres the main page www.irashiryuu.deviantart.com

let me know what you think about them or something Lol