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Member Since 15 Oct 2009
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The council of six.

16 October 2009 - 07:26 PM

Okay, in an RP once done with me and a group of friends, Jeshire, my fan-maren, was made queen after the fall of Wizeman's reghn. The problem is, she can't do it alone. Jeshire, while having a strong will and a quick wit, is a weak leader. So, she has decided to make a counsel of five (Six if you include Jeshire herself), to help make her decisions. There is na lot to clean up because of Wizzy... Will she and the council be able to win the hearts of even wizemin's followers. But firsdt, she must decide who will be in, and who's just not qualified.

Jeshire paced her study, unsure if this was a good idea... it would break her father and her father's father's, and all the rulers before them's tradition, but at the same time, things had to change. No longer would Nightmaren take a dreamers ideya without leaving atleast one... no longer would they torture, and kill. The lower level nightmaren will not be treated as lower class to be spit on by the upper levels. And with this, she dicided. A councel would be best to help rewrite the laws of nightmare.

Uhm.. Hi. :s

16 October 2009 - 05:00 AM

Some of you may know me as Jeshire, Anna aka Ravda aka Annahedgehoggamew's friend. Well, just so you know, she did the same thing to me she did with LordBlue, totally backstabbing me than twisting the damn knife around just to make it more painful...
Anyways, I hope this will not affect your judgement of me, unless of course, you don't judge.

I'm known as many names but there is one you can't deny. My name is satan Jes, short for Jeshire.