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General Reala

General Reala

Member Since 09 Jan 2012
Offline Last Active Mar 04 2014 03:25 PM

Still no PC release date?

22 October 2012 - 12:06 AM

This is a shame, as I really want to help support NiGHTS, but I don't own a PS3 or an XBOX 360. I'm also much more likely to be picking up a Wii U than either of those two systems anytime soon. Not to mention the HD looks great.
(You'd have thought that they'd have plans for the Wii U's virtual console at launch, but I guess not).

General Reala plays JoD

16 June 2012 - 06:21 PM

(I was told this could go here)
So, I have a group channel with a few people (though they haven't been around <_< ), so I've decided to do a JoD LP;
Part 0- Tutorial (You don't have to watch this part)
Part 1- Aqua Garden

I think next part I need to turn the tv volume up a bit, as the cutscenes are too quiet compared to everything else..

The Twilight Zone

15 January 2012 - 11:56 PM

Anybody a fan of the original?

I remembered the other day about a specific episode pertaining to dreams called 'Perchance to Dream'.
'They say a dream takes only a second or so, and yet in that second a man can live a lifetime. He can suffer and die, and who's to say which is the greater reality- the one we know, or the one in dreams? -between heaven, the sky, the earth, in the Twilight Zone.'

Part 1 & Part 2 if anyone's interested in the particular episode.

How would you describe Reala's actions throughout the game?

10 January 2012 - 06:04 AM

Sort of a question of what do you think is behind the way he acts throughout the game and how he may think.

Obviously, his first and foremost motivator would be Master Wiseman. Supposedly he's steadfastly loyal, but I at least partial believe said loyalty stems from fear. Wiseman liberally threatens Reala, starting with Wiseman's murders of Donbalon and Bomamba (depending on the story) whilst stating failure will not be tolerated, implying Reala will share the same fate should he fail. Also, at least once Reala can be seen stuttering in his dialog when addressing Wiseman regarding bad news.
Secondly, minus any fears of Wiseman, Reala seems to be somewhat cowardly in both tactics and in general. Multiple times he chooses to leave lower leveled Nightmaren to guard NiGHTS when caged, as if not wanting to be the one to take the fall when NiGHTS inevitably escapes while coupled with the power of a visitor. When he actually does fight, he doesn't fight directly, instead summoning that portal that rains down those exploding spheres that he launches at NiGHTS and hides behind. Even then, when it looked like he'd be beaten, he broke the rules, trapping NiGHTS as he turned tail and fled. He also shows signs of being rather afraid of Cerberus, but then again, so does NiGHTS (which is rare). Lastly, it seems he still holds on to what ever kind of relationship he used to have with NiGHTS. This may opt for another reason to trap her rather than fighting her. He also seems somewhat jealous of the visitors NiGHTS took a liking to and tries to get rid of them only to hurt NiGHTS.

I like Reala, and while I haven't quite hit everything, these stand out. Your mileage may vary though.

Hello there

10 January 2012 - 02:55 AM

I suppose I should introduce myself.

I'm General Reala, though I more often go by Dragon Arbock or Phoenix the Cat.
I'm a big Sonic fan (if you couldn't tell), and that's what initially got me into NiGHTS.Don't get me wrong, I love NiGHTS just as much now. I draw from time to time, and attempt writing fanfiction (though I usually get another idea before I finish with my first.)
I look forward to being a part of this community, though I may not always post as much as I should.