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In Topic: Curious about something I noticed about my Mepians

02 January 2012 - 12:09 AM

I am working on getting all of the full Mepians, and noticed on this video here that many of this person's Mepians have blue collar or scarf-like things around their necks.

Currently I have five full Mepians (the Mothpil, Beez, Shleep, Scarapian, and Mewwy ones). I noticed that none of mine had those blue collars/scarves. I started to wonder if maybe that meant that they weren't really "full-blooded".

However, I noticed that two out of my five (the Beez and the Scarapian ones) now DO have those blue things. I am absolutely positive they did not have them before.

So what are they? How come my Mepians did not have them to begin with, but now two suddenly do?