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In Topic: What if we made a 'My Dream Editor'

13 November 2009 - 09:39 PM

...Focus on what would need to be done to accomplish this, what kind of people could do it, and where to find them

We need to find people with the skills to do it.

In Topic: What if we made a 'My Dream Editor'

02 November 2009 - 09:13 PM

Alright mate. I gotcha.

Oh, I also want to point out my main reason for doing this is so we can learn more information on just how exactly my dream works. What triggers what. If you can flatten the field and edit the contents you can experiment with the changes made from playing the game under controlled conditions. My main stance is to learn everything about a game as possible. The rest of the game is self explanatory in its workings and unlockables.. But they gave us almost no info on mydream.

I have pretty much explained my ideas. If I spell out specifics everyone will say thats good, lets try that without putting some effort into their own thought. All I have done is followed what I said in the second to last paragraph. I want people to do the same. I guess I am encouraging them to think. To get involved in the effort of trying. Things the lack of which led to all the past "Wouldn't it be great if, only I can't do it" threads you are all so sick and tired of.

In Topic: NiGHTS pocket handheld

02 November 2009 - 08:49 PM

I used to have a bunch of these old LCD games. They were enough to keep me entertained when I was young. I found it interesting how they would use the same "sprite" over and over and add say a different leg or ad a sword on or similar to make it be something else. I even had this ultra cool one that was from the power rangers movie that used the 3D green foil stuff for the background. Ah the memories of long car trips...

I beat one of them once. It was Sonic 2 I think. He just ran around the screen for a few seconds while happy music played. I expect something similar if you beat this one.

In Topic: Sonic Adventure Nights Pinball

02 November 2009 - 08:20 PM

I didn't know you had to HIT the capture (That means I never noticed)...I'll try that with Amy right now.



My AR isn't making the codes work!

What codes are you using?

In Topic: What if we made a 'My Dream Editor'

02 November 2009 - 07:22 PM

Good, so I have your attention. From this point on I will assume everyone is interested. The point of me first posting was assess how much interest and support people would have, but the topic getting locked somewhat prevented that.

I do realize I am new here and no ones knows anything about me. And going from the normal way topics like these play out, I fully understand why this topic was locked. In fact it is of the same frustration/irritation at all talk and no action that led me to develop what I call resourceful persistence. If something is possible and you can't do it yourself, find someone who can. I believe this is a skill in itself. While you may not be putting work and effort into the final project... it does take work and dedication on finding the people who can work on the project and are willing. Thankfully, I have found if you approach it the right way it is not as hard to find willing people as you might think. Doubting you will succeed keeps most people from even trying. Your confidence and expectation of a positive outcome is the most important component of achieving success.

The approach is the first step and the most important. And is what we now need to discuss.

So far I have succeeded in finding help in hacking a few games. But having a full blown editor written for a game is a bit more involved then what I have requested in the past. That is why I am approaching this community for support. We may have an easier time in approaching the hacking community as a "community".

Also, the more people you have working to find a solution, the greater chance you have at finding it. So this is where we brain storm on realistic ideas. Focus on what would need to be done to accomplish this, what kind of people could do it, and where to find them. I have a few ideas, but I want to hear ideas from other people first before I list out my plan / strategy.

MOST IMPORTANTLY Dont actually do or contact anyone yet! If we do find people who can and might be willing to help, how we ask them is very important. I will go into that later. So there you have it. Lets get started.