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This is weird..

25 October 2009 - 03:24 PM

This morning (+last night) I had this weird nightmare. Even though most of my dreams are very unusual, this one took the cake.
It was in parts, like all of my dreams are, but they were all still connected. Like a storyline.
All these places were from real life, like my street and such, but one place stuck out. It was a kind of amusement park from another dream from before. And this is where the nightmare started.
I got off a ride of some sort with Tsukasa (from Lucky Star) and that was the one second she was there. All I remember happening after that was what seemed like a young Zack Finfrock (artist/Nuklear Power/friend [kinda]) and some other guy. It was weird, 'cause it felt so real. And it was scary as heck, for some reason.
Those two were fighting for some reason, I ended up coming along somehow, and it was a while then they "found out" I was the reason they were fighting. From the way it seemed, it looked like they were fighting (not like fist fight or anything) for a very long time..
Anyway, they threatened to "kill me" and things like that, then they came to a point where they made me do stuff for'em (like clean and stuff..), but they were still gonna "kill me".
Later on it was time for them to kill me already, but right before he was gonna do it, he stopped and started trying to save me, it looked like. If I remember right, he was saying things like, "We were all young, we couldn't have known any better" and others like that.

And that was the end of the dream. It was all I could remember, anyway. It was weird though..It felt so terrifyingly real. I don't get why that amusement park was there either (it doesn't exist in real life [or at least, I hope it doesn't. It's like super fantasy kind of thing]).
Sorry it's so long, by the way.


15 September 2009 - 09:21 PM

Hey there folks, I'm Vulpa!
I'll be making this awkward by stating that I've played no NiGHTS as of yet. Currently in the brooding persuasion of JoD, though..
Anyways..hmm..NiGHTS interests me. The concept of dreams, nightmares, and all between always have. Game form would be even better!
One of my friends got me into it (oh, but still, no games) and I can partially say that TRiPPY (and DiGi, too, I guess) with their Wrecks Factor entry, Dreams Dreams. Strange, right? It went from loving their remix to loving NiGHTS in an odd way. But yeah..
Hope to get to know you guys (and NiGHTS as well!) as time goes along~