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Maren Lounge (Open to all-don't be shy! ^o^)

15 December 2010 - 01:54 AM

I'm a noob to this kind of thing, so please bare with me. ^^; It's basically a place for fan marens, dreamers, etc... to gather around and chat. I thought it'd be fun to try, since other people enjoyed it on another site I went to.

Deep in Nightmare, young Soul sauntered into the Maren Lounge, where all of the local Maren's hung out. She even heard the occasional Dreamer would pop-up in here! As she entered the underground hangout through a hidden door, she got many stares. She was used to it, you kind of had to grin and bare these kind of things when you had one arm, one eye, and many scars. She just smiled half-heartedly back, and plopped herself down on a giant, purple beanie bag seat.

Mary Sue or No?

15 December 2010 - 01:03 AM

Alright, I've read through various topics on here and other sites on how to avoid making a mary sue. So, I re-did my oc, Soul. (Not maren in avi), and I want to know what people think.

Name: Soul/Riki De Meel
Species: Half Maren, Half Human
Age: 116 (looks 16 since marens don't age)
Ability: Darkness manipulation. Also has genric Nightmaren abilities. (I.e. Flight.)
Weakness: Has no maren abilities in waking world besides shape-shifting, which is very limited. Needs to wake up in order to spy as a human in waking world. Can't see out of right eye. Left arm is gone.
Noticable Traits: Two birth deffects. One arm, one eye, and many scars. Born that way. "Reason" parents abandoned her at birth.
Alliance: Works under Wizeman, servant of Reala, but occasionaly helps NiGHTS and co. More of an anti-villain than anti-hero, though.
Enemies: Still creating them.
Reason for injuries: Before being dragged down to Nightmare, she fought Reala, and lost miserably...
Hair: Red and messy, bangs partially cover eye patch. Shoulder-length.
How she became part Maren: Still in works, but made a deal with Wizeman, lost, etc...

So...any thoughts? :3

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

08 September 2010 - 04:14 PM

I was just wondering because I was unable to get it when it came out yesterday due to a lack of money. So I'll have to wait about a month now for the money to come in so I can buy my game. T_T Anyways, has anyone played it? If so, how is it? Also, don't forget to put up spoiler tags for people like us who can't get their hands on the game yet. ^^'