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In Topic: So, no more NiGHTS?

05 November 2010 - 06:11 PM

Unfortunately, I'm not sure.

I think that we have a good 50/50. For starters, SEGA knows how many people out there love NiGHTS, but then again, they didn't really get good sales on the last game. They need to get their butts in gear and come up with a better NiGHTS game so people will be more compelled to buy it.

In Topic: What gender are you, and how do you see NiGHTS?

05 November 2010 - 06:05 PM

I'm female and I consider NiGHTS a female. I know that NiGHTS does not have an actual gender, but that's just how I see it. When wearing the mask though, NiGHTS for some reason looks more masculine, but without the mask very feminine. Reala, I don't see a girl in any kind of way. Reala has always struck me as extremely masculine, especially compared to NiGHTS.

In Topic: Do you like Jackle?

05 November 2010 - 06:01 PM

I actually really like Jackle. He looks really awesome, and he had a really awesome voice and I have a lot of questions and theories about him that will never be honestly answered. lol. But I am a bit tired of him because everyone seems to love him the best and talk about him constantly. I'm more of a Reala fan myself, but I do love Jackle and would love to see him come back. I don't really think there is anyone who hates or dislikes him.

In Topic: NxR, NxJ or RxJ?

01 November 2010 - 08:58 PM

Jackle with Puffy XD i lolĀ“d i prefer JackleXnights, donbalonXpuffy and ChamelanXbomamba (WTF)
i respect opinions

I really like Jackle and Puffy together. I think my sister got me into it. You would have to see how we percieve the world to understand why we like Jackle and Puffy. lol. I have always been a huge fan of NiGHTS x Reala. I like the idea that there is a hidden want in there between the two that neither one of them can ever seem to fulfill.

In Topic: Does anyone actually like JoD better?

31 October 2010 - 10:33 PM

Well, they might not do much with NiGHTS until their more well known series like Sonic die out. That's my opinin at least. They could have went more in depth with the Nightmarens and such, but one of the main things about NiGHTS and other Nightmarens is the ability to see them as you would like. If they created background stories for the characters, it would ruin how some of us see NiGHTS and other Nightmarens, so I think that's the main reasn they don't do something like that. I mean, that's the main reason why all Nightmaren are genderless, so you could see them as either male or female, whichever you prefer. Sometimes, fanfiction and such can be ruined by such background stories. I'm sorr it distresses you, but we can't do much except for petition and hope SEGA listens to our demands. XD I do think it would be awesome if they featured UV NiGHTS in one of the NiGHTS games somehow, even if it were just an alternate costume or something. Everyone has their own opinion, but I think it's better ff that they let the fans interpret the characters as they choose, since not many games actually allow for that. XD

I honestly think Sonic is already dead. I mean, yeah, they keep making Sonic games still, but Sonic died when Sonic Adventure 2 was over. They need to make games on NiGHTS that are just as epic... And honesly, I think it would be just as fun to play NiGHTS as 3D adventure as possible. I mean, the sky could be limitless but so can the ground, and they have made excellent Sonic games where he can go almost anwhere. If you catch my drift. I would like to see a more adventurous game from NiGHTS.
...And I understand what youre saying about the background stories and not going into depth with them. But the way I look at it, if they try too hard to make everything an enigma or a mystery to us then the games are going to get boring after a while. Nothing special is really going to happen, no real surprises are going to be found out. The games are going to be made with all the same ingredients as the last game. At last, that's how I see it. I think a lot of people would enjoy a more serious natured game... Sonic more along the lines of the Sonic Adventure series. Sure, it was for kids, but there was just an element to those games that was genuine and no Sonic game afterward came even close to matching it. It just had a magic and they need to steer both Sonic and NiGHTS back in that direction. So many people would go crazy over it. At least, I think. They haven't tried very much out with NiGHTS, so no one can be honestly sure.

I will say that I do like interpretating the characters, but the games never really give me the satisfaction I want. I want more from them, I want to see more of the Nightmarens, I want to see the personalities more if they won't give me a story. I want to see how they act according to one another. If that makes sense.