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In Topic: Winnie the Pooh 2011

15 February 2011 - 04:08 AM

I might just have to go see it. It don't really care what my friends would think, since they do stuff behind my back all the time and think that i don't know

In Topic: Random thought thread

15 February 2011 - 04:05 AM

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :o

I dissagree with the above statement. I find Valentines day to be quite pointless.

In Topic: Pokémon Black and White Discussion Thread

12 February 2011 - 04:21 AM

Some of the names are good, and others I hate. Eelectric. I wanna say I've heard that horrible pun somewhere before. Either way, I find it unoriginal, and thus unamusing and dull. But Haxorus I think is awesome. Never thought they would put the word "haxors" anywhere in those games.

yes, it did have good attack (base 147 to be exact) could be faster though.
Also, some of the names are very unoriginal. Lets look at the gear evolutions. Kling, Klang, KlingKlang. . .
but there are some neat names, like the one dragon line. Deino, Zwielous, Hydreigon. They managed to make reference to what they look like in two ways.
Deino) yes, he's a dinosaur. but it also has Ein in the name, whch is german for one
Zwielous) Brontasourous (sorry if i butchared that spelling(along w/ that one)), and Zwei, which is german for two
Hydreigon) Hydra, just awsome, no need for explination. And Drei, which is german for three
(thank you japanese anime for teaching me the first three german numbers :))

Also, on a completely different note, battle subway. It's basicly the battle tower, but they decided to get rid of all the other battle facilities. Also, pokemon battles on trains, must be nintendo's response to card games on motercycles

Also, on another completely different note, the green pokemon exclusive to white, his name is green fetus. it doesn't matter what his name is, his name is green fetus. really, look at it and it's evolution line

In Topic: Pokémon Black and White Discussion Thread

11 February 2011 - 10:48 PM

Hey Guys Have Any of you Seen That New Black Lotica Pokemon Yet? Looks Like It'll be the New Gardevoir of the Series if you Catch my Drift. CoughFanboysCough. Does That One Have Any Evolutions or Prevolutions? Can't Tell if That's Base Form or Evolved Form.

Goth tower? then yes, it has a pre-evo if it's the one i'm thinking of

In Topic: Pokémon Black and White Discussion Thread

11 February 2011 - 04:48 AM

English names have been released. Haxorus. . .with that name, he better be a broken uber