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The Conquered Lands

28 June 2009 - 10:43 PM

Wizeman has been defeated by NiGHTS, but has finally come back. However, he is in need of rest to gain the power he has lost. While so, a nightmaren named Enon has taken the pleasure of creating havoc for him, instead. A mere nightmaren like her had created chaos equal to Wizeman's. How so? Advertisement; trickery.
She has drawn in all nightmaren that had thought lowly of her into her trap, by saying that whoever is to gather the most Ideya for her will be given an equal share of land for their very own. However, this is very much a lie, and she will still have control over the land which is going to be 'owned' by the ones who have been working so enthusiastically for her. She's also cheating Wizeman out, because she's taking half of the Ideya they're giving to her, while she had promise Wizeman all the Ideya gathered. She wants to be 'godly,' like Wizeman, and will cheat her way through it all in order to claim similar power to him.
And she's doing a mighty fine job at it, too.
However, there are some nightmaren out their that have been converting to the good side, after the massive fall of Wizeman. One of the many is Shock, a nightmaren who never even intended to be a part of this villainous routine, in the first place. She left her sisters and took on a different path; a different adventure, and always yerned for helping dreamers. However, she's having a hard time proving to them she's not the villain she used to be. Her traits are flawed, and she lacks the proper way to be a full-on hero.
What side will you be on? The side that will stop this crawling darkness? Or the side that will put this dark puzzle gradually together for the praise and new land? When temptation grabs you, will you let it drag you in?

This is actually based off a comic of mine.
You can check it out at dA.
Remember to start at Maren Madness, first! xD


Frank- The eldest dreamer out of the group. He's surprisingly a middle-aged man, and has been placed into an asylum because he claimed to had encountered an odd being he had seen in his dreams in real life. They of course did not believe him and thought of him as mad, hence why he was placed into a madhouse. He's now free and working in an office--but unfortunately, that creature he saw is appearing again. It's a nightmaren, and it's the same one that haunted him ever since childhood. And she wants Franky to do a little task for her.

Racheal- The youngest girl dreamer. She had encountered her first nightmaren upon her television set, oddly enough. She could've sworn a face appeared in the static, and that it had said her name--which there was and did. But her radio snagged another nightmaren, who was the exact opposite of the one she encountered on the TV screen--however, the first nightmaren scared this one off. Racheal is known as a chicken at her school, and is known to become petrified quite easily even in a simple situation. But she had overcome this fear later on in her journey with the help of the nightmaren she met on her TV: Shock.

Sick- The oldest girl dreamer and a typical dimwit teen. She met up with a nightmaren that had tried to steal her Ideya, but she escaped. After a few pleasant dreams, she had encountered the nightmaren again. The nightmaren was now wounded, and the causes were unknown. Sick had offered to help, but she still kept in mind that this was the nightmaren that tried to harm her. She had hesitated despite her plan to help the dangerous being, but she had done so. Fortunately, the nightmaren she had helped seems to have become attached to Sick and cherishes her as a sister.

Max- The youngest dreamer out of the group. Only a few months ago he was dirt poor, and his parents seemed to be struggling to keep even the apartment they thrived in. Now, he's a snobby rich kid with piles of money. How did he become so rich in a matter of time? Well, with the help of a special 'maren, his dream became true. The nightmaren he had met in his dream had the gift of granting a wish to him if he were to draw in other dreamers for him to steal Ideya from. This nightmaren (known as Oliver) saw this as a great opportunity to get Ideya, seeing his position and the boy's persistent wish to be filthy rich . He had left Max's Ideya be and granted him a wish, but to do so Oliver intruded into the human world. This had left the Earth free for few nightmaren to roam about in, since it was now unrepairable. Apparently, the nightmaren Frank had seen while awake had came through the portal.

Enon- Enon is a horrendously evil nightmaren who tortures herself with the thought that everyone is merely liking her to gain their own share of power. She is also a hypocrite and full-out perfectionist; she believes everyone is severely flawed and selfish (but her) and will do anything for their own gain. This is because she was nearly killed by her own brother when they both set out for riches. Enon's plan is to gather up as many nightmaren and observe their reactions to her offers. This offer is to reign over Nightopia with their help, and once all is claimed, everyone will get equal share of land to create chaos upon and thrive in. But the reward is merely a lie.

Dollzy- Dollzy is a twisted and malicious nightmaren who hides her true potential behind the fake sympathy and kindness she tries to use mostly upon Frank. She works along with Enon's plan to pollute Nightopia and claim it as her's. Dollzy was told that if she were to help along with the plans, she'd be given her own equal amount of land to rule over and create havoc upon--as were other nightmaren. Dollzy did not take Frank's Ideya because he had pleaded her not to. Having shown mercy, she had told him that she would not steal it--but if she couldn't get his Ideya, she vowed to follow him doggedly and haunt him until he went insane. Just to keep his Ideya, he had accepted this offer... and when he was made back into a sane man, Dollzy came back to bug him--but she then had a different use of him...

Shock- The youngest sister of Rodomont and Barricade. Despite her two sisters' evil ways, she tries her best to be the heroic one of the group. She attempts to help dreamers and prove to them that their are a few good nightmaren out there like NiGHTS.

Barricade- Barricade used to be a gluttonous, threatening nightmaren--that is until her mouth was sealed. She's still very dangerous and capable of stealing Ideya, but she's calmed down. Barricade was hurt by Dollzy in an attempt to steal Frank's Ideya, but was helped by a dreamer named Sick, whom she has befriended.

Rodomontade- A boastful nightmaren who has a liking for gambling and pool. She's the oldest sister of Barricade and Shock, and is usually the one with the plans (despite acting like a drunkard, majority of the time). She enjoys messing around with Jackle and cussing out Clawz and NiGHTS.

Oliver- A jerk of a nightmaren, and a womanizer. Oliver's like any other man, but takes his very spot in the perve section. He likes to make fun of Dollzy and her boyish appearance, and he also likes to try and impress a certain girl nightmaren despite epicly failing most of the time.

Pall- The 'Donor for the Wounded Maren.' Her static-like body is 'never ending,' and a good use to replace a maren's severed body part. However, she hasn't quite had say-so--and this is a painful, painful job she must endure. But, this is actually punishment for her vulgar and blasphemous attitude. She was the second nightmaren that haunted Racheal until Shock put her into place.

Poca- She's referred to as a pipsqueak, being smaller in size than the other nightmaren. She doesn't have much hope, being deprived of it due to the teasing of her size. Poca believes she is not needed in any serious task, and that she is a failure.
Her self-esteem rapidly boosted when Enon had given her Pall's job. Pall had been slain, and needed a replacement.
Little did Poca know she was taking the most painful job there was--but she felt adequate, now. Poca is a good friend of Shock, and possibly the only 'maren friend she had. Vice versa.

Ferdel- A possessive, easily jealous nightmaren. She is very envious of other nightmaren, mostly the kind that accompany dreamers. She is also easy to upset. Ferdel used to have a human friend, however he had left her without a single warning or good-bye (he had died in an accident, so he of course could not make contact with her, again), and this made her think he had nothing to do with her. That is why she is in the irritable position she is in, today. Oddly enough, she's obnoxiously eccentric when her day goes along smoothly. She's a walking timebomb.

Joe- A friend of Oliver. He isn't that much of a character, seeing he only guards the door to Enon's palace (along with Oliver and Max.)

Rules? You know them, don't you?
And of course, you can be your own nightmaren and/or dreamer.
I'll try to gradually bring all named characters of mine in at the needed moment, as these are characters that take part in the plot and comic.

I'm going to see if this board gets any RPer's. Majority of my stuff doesn't, so I'd be darned if it does. owo