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Member Since 24 May 2009
Offline Last Active May 27 2009 01:05 AM

Hello everyone im new!

26 May 2009 - 04:40 PM

Hello everyone in the forum my Name is Josh Or Xemmie...or Mr fluffy (dont ask...it stuck with me for a long time )

^.^ im 21 and kinda skittish around people (naturaly shy x.x)

I decided to Join the forum a while ago...but new accounts were blocked for quite some time

Ive always been a closet Nid Fanboy when i was way younger...the idea..and dreamy landscapes and design is what caught my attention

(for years ive been trying to snag NiD stuff but i failed lol)

^.^ my hobbies and intrests are Collecting Balloons and inflatables, martial arts, video games, dining out and meeting new people, swimming, pets

what i dislike are Loud sudden noises (i have a phobia of that ;.; ) and hurtfull people

^.^ thank u for letting me for joining the forum